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    i just had carpal tunnel surgery, and will be going back to work in a couple of weeks. I would like to make some equipment upgrades. any suggestions for an all purpose clipper that doesnt vibrate so much and is not too large or heavy. I'm also in the market for good shears.

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    what kind of clippers do you have??


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      You may want to check out the new Andis 5 speed. They are smaller than the regular and I have small hands. I think they are lighter too. Can't remember it vibrating a lot as I was just trying the demo one, but I think they are back ordered. I love my andis, I feel they vibrate much less than Laube or the Switchblades, probably because those have more SPM, but I've never had a problem with my Andis getting through any coat. They are certainly much easier on the hands than the old Oster A-5's and even the new oster powermax clippers are just too heavy for me.
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        I too am looking for new clippers that are lighter and have less vibration. I have used the Andes AGC Super 2 Speed for years, but have noticed lately that my hands and wrists are getting sore from the clipper weight and vibration. Going to check out some new Laube clippers at APF but would love some feedback from other groomers.


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          I have the 5 speeds, they are really light. I will have to check on vibration though


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            Laube's light cordless

            I would recommend the Laube litening cordless. They are light, small in circumference and lots of power. They also came down in price I noticed. If you cant afford the cordless they corded ones are nice also. They come in variable speed also (10 speeds) but you have to ask for the 723 model.



            I will only use Laube...they make their stuff in USA, not China.

            Fellow groomer,


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              The new Andis 5 speed is the clipper Id go to. It has zero vibration and is very light about 0.8 lbs. Ive been using it for over a month in the shop and Im impressed with it

              Id stay away from the LAube stuff because they are very powerfull and you will have trouble getting the blade on correctly anyway. I use the LAube Micromini, and for someone after surgery its not the clipper

              The new Andis costs $200 but I think you'll like it. If not, send it back and try something else.

              Hope this helps

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                Laube variable speed clippers

                The Laube cordless or corded comes in variable speed (10 speeds), so why shouldn't Puppy love get a clipper that is more durable, she can lower the dial and have it work like a trimmer, yet have the torque of a clipper, comes with lights (standard) Such a way better clipper, Why would you want to promote something made in China.
                I would recommend the Laube 305 Speed Trimmer, then when you get stronger,
                My suggestion to Puppy love is the Laube Mini Micro, or Litening corded, which you can eventually upgrade to CORDLESS if you ever wanted. Ask for the 723 or 823 these are the variables. They don't show the clipper with the variable speed online but you can call and ask for them. You Go Girl! Your worth it!


                You can ask for variable speed on the clippers below:


                Stand by the good Ol USA! Buy American!

                Your Fellow American Groomer,


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                  thanks everyone

                  I use the andis agc right now. Its heavy, and I've had to take it in for maintainance more often than usual. but Andis is in my hometown and I have a client that works there so I can barter for her discount. hehe. so I might give the 5-speed a try. now what do you suggest for shears??????