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Need help with tool kit for school....

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  • Need help with tool kit for school....

    I am going to be starting grooming school here at the end of February, so I need a little help with my tool kit that I am putting together. I have wanted to ask my instructor (kind of playing phone-tag at the moment), but I figure getting multiple views would a good thing, too.

    So....what clippers? I am looking at the Andis Super 2 Speed AGP or the LAUBE 305 SPEED FEED Pro Cordless Trimmer. Which would you suggest?

    Are the Laube slicker brushes or combs any good? Can someone help me decide which combs I really need? All of this "36 tooth", etc..."fine/course", "med/fine", etc is just confusing. I am pretty lost on what to get.

    I have decided on the Kenchii Scorpion 3 piece kit for my shears, but I am unsure of what size I should get....7" or 8"?

    I think that is all (for now) .

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    Here's my opinion.

    Laube makes nice brushes, but I slightly prefer #1 All Systems slickers, or if you want to spend crazy $$$... Chris Christensen slickers (and his T-brsuh is a must-have!).

    The Laube Speed Feed is a trimmer, made for smaller tasks. It's made more for trimming pads, trimming around eyes, maybe shaving a cat... but not really for full body work all the time. If you're in the market for a trimmer, the Speed Feed is a nice option, as is the Wahl Bravura.

    I do own/like Laube clippers, but they are expensive. I had an Andis years ago and it was alright, but heavy. I promise you, the longer you groom the more you're going to want something light, ergonomic, and fast/smooth. That's why I like Laubes. I use a Mini Micro.

    The comb I use the most is a fine/course Chris Christensen comb. I would also recommend his poodle comb.

    As far as shears go, you're going to want longer. Unlike human groomers, we pet groomers like to cover as much surface area as possible per snip. I recommend the 8". Kenchiis are a great choice!

    Good luck!
    Bulldogs are adorable, with faces like toads that have been sat on.


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      One more thing, don't order the Laube snap-ons, well maybe the longer ones. Wahl stainless steel snap-on combs all the way!
      Bulldogs are adorable, with faces like toads that have been sat on.


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        I just looked up the WAHL Bravura Cord/Cordless Clipper and I think that looks even better then the Andis. I had read numerous times about people liking that clipper on this board, but never took the time to look it up. The price is comparable to the Andis, too.

        Now, when it says "5-position adjustable blade (#9, #10, #15, #30, #40)"....does that mean I won't need to spend $20+ on those blades individually like I would have to with the Andis? If so...that is AWESOME and is going to save me A LOT of money.

        What would you recommend for a little trimmer for doing pads & such? I'd imagine I do need one of those, too. Maybe the Wahl Moser?

        So poodle combs & fine/course combs is what I am looking for? What about a finishing comb or a greyhood comb? I see those a lot while searching and wasn't sure if they are needed.

        Thanks for recommending the 8" Kenchii's....I thought so, but I wanted to make sure. I'd hate to buy 7" and regret it later.


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          I just looked on PetEdge and I can get a WAHL Bravura for $149 and then it comes with a free Wahl tid-bit trimmer....would that be okay for now?


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            I meant to say that a Bravura is like a Speed Feed which is like a Moser, just a trimmer. The Tidbit is like a really cheesy mini-trimmer, lol. Anything that has an adjustable blade is going to qualify as a trimmer. The blade goes from #40-#30-#15-#10-#9, which are the lengths you would typically use for pads/sanis/clean feet/clean faces, etc. VERY SHORT lengths, like 1/16" and shorter!

            Unfortunately for your wallet, you will have to get a regular clipper with detachable blades.
            Bulldogs are adorable, with faces like toads that have been sat on.


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              The Bravura is a wonderful clipper, however any cordless clipper I only use it on pads, poodle face/feet, and sanitary clips. Any full body clipping, I use a corded clipper (I have the Andis 2 Speed and its a nice solid clipper) usually with Wahl Snap-On Combs.

              The adjustable blade system is just the one blade, so you don't have to change out the blades. I've never used a snap-on combs on any cordless, so I couldn't tell you if they work well at all.

              I agree on Chris Christiensen combs, they are a-mazing and wouldn't live without them!
              I have the Fine/Coarse 7 1/2" long comb, and I think that's a great beginner comb. I also have the Poodle comb and the All Coarse Tail comb as well, but those could be something you add later.

              And I also agree with Kenchiis, they make some superb shears. I think deciding between 7" and 8" is going to be more of what fits better in your hands, however there was also a Sue Zecco/Jay Scruggs video that recommended slightly smaller shears as a beginner so you can have better control. Right now I have anywhere from 7" to 10" in my shear collection.

              The brushes I have are Chris Christiensen and Les Poochs and they made such a huge difference from what I was using before, especially when I switched to the CC T-brush. I started with Paw Brothers brushes (Pin brush and slicker brush) and then just upgraded as I could afford it. LP brushes are to die for, but are a bit pricey (you can call them to get groomer pricing though, but still a good chunk of money for each). Also a rubber curry/zoomgroom brush is inexpensive and nice to have for shorter coated dogs.

              You may want to ask your instructor about dematting and deshedding tools that she recommends. I don't really use any specific tools for dematting (more a good spray and my normal tools, if that doesn't work it gets shaved out), and for deshedding I have a FURminator and the Mars Coat King rakes as well.

              Also, does your instructor provide you with any tools? When I was in school I paid for a kit and it included everything but shears to start out with. Including nail clippers, a nail dremmel, hemostats, etc. all the little stuff.


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                I agree with all of the ideas you've already been given. I'd like to add the Chris Christian comb is by far the best around! Tho' initially it may seem pricey to you, it will last and you won't need to replace it.

                I have a Bravura, it is primarily a trimmer. You will need a full sized clipper for most of your work so maybe this could be on your "wish list" for later on.

                Geib makes nice shears also. Their Entree' line is reasonably priced and on the smaller size so it will fit your hand pretty well.

                It is hard to spend alot of $$ right away on tools when you are not familiar with them. Ask your instructor for suggestions if they don't already have a list. Maybe even visit a few grooming shops and ask to see what they use.

                good luck,


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                  I am afraid that you might end up more confused than helped by this There are so many great products out there and each groomer has their own opinion on what is good and what is not. Much of it depends on your hand size and strength.

                  I personally LOVE the Andis Ultra Edge (2 speed) clippers. It fits my hand nicely, needs little maintenence, goes through even thick and whooly coats easily and maybe most importantly (for me), they are VERY durable. I am a bit of a clutz and drop things......a lot.

                  I also adore CC products. I have the round slicker brush (very gentle), the T-brush, the fine/course comb and the wooden pin brush. I also equally love LP brushes, BUT they are a bit more costly than CC.

                  Totally agree w/the Wahl stainless steel combs. They are so much better than the plastic snap on's. Just make sure to NEVER use a 40 blade or you will break teeth.

                  I think the Kenchi Scorpions are a good choice. Go w/the 8".
                  SheilaB from SC


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                    You cannot get around buying a full size clipper, like the Andis or Oster, or Laube and the blades that go with them. The trimmers are wonderful and I use them all the time, for everything, BUT you have to have a regular clipper as well. Sorry, but that should be your first purchase.
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                      I have the laube slickers and honestly.....I like the master grooming tools slickers better. I also have a slicka (sp?) and like that one too.


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                        Wow! Thanks for all of the information, you guys. It is really helping me a lot .

                        I didn't know the Bravura was only a trimmer...I knew it seemed too good to be true with changeable blades, LOL! I think it is too pricey for me right now, but it will be on my list for the future. I'm just barely getting by right now having to pay $1k up front to start school, then having to quit my job & make payments over the 3-4 months to pay the full $3500 tuition. My Kenchii shear set is going to cost around $211, then my clippers & others in the tool kit will probably be about $450. I might just go down to Ryan's in Phoenix to buy most of it. I'm bargain shopping online too.

                        How about the Golden A5 Oster clipper? I will look into the Andis Ultra Edge 2 speed, too. I'm definitely going with the Wahl stainless steel snap-on combs.

                        I only said Laube slicker brushes because it seems like a popular company and I can get them on Ebay for less then $7 each.

                        OH! Is it necessary to have all the slicker brushes...small, medium, and large sized?

                        Hopefully my instructor will call me today, so I can email her the list I came up with and see if she approves is. She's been in the business for 21 years and since she is training me, she will know what I absolutely need now or will need for later.


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                          Just to add in some more here...

                          As far as clippers go (and shears for that matter), it really depends on what is comfortable in your hand. I personally like the Oster Turbo clippers, as I have "jazz hands"
                          I've tried the Andis ones before, and they just don't work for me. IMHO, they're a little small, plus the vibration makes my whole arm ache. Not something I'd personally like to stick with, but if it works for you, more power to ya! The best way to pick clippers and shears is to play around with them first. If you have this luxury, take advantage of it!

                          Slicker brushes, I second the LP line. I've used them at one of the shops I work for and I love them! You really get what you pay for. I'm hoping to pick some up if I make it to Intergroom! For size, I personally made it through school with only medium-sized brushes.

                          And I only have two words about the Wahl SS combs: BUY THEM


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                            An amazing person on this forum has offered me a free pair of Andis clippers! I'm not sure if she wants her name put out there, that's why I didn't release it. She's saving me a lot of money and I appreciate it so much. I'm very sure her clippers will last me until I decide to buy my own, then I will pass down her clippers onto the next person who really needs them. Shoot....if I decide I love her clippers & want to keep them for a while, then I will buy someone a new pair !

                            I sent my supply kit list to my instructor, so hopefully she will respond back to me within the next few days. I will certainly let you all know what she suggested.

                            I really wish I could afford the LP brushes, but I'm not sure if I can at this point. If I only need 1 size, then I will go for it and get one.

                            I'm going to be grooming cats, as well as I asked my instructor about cat grooming tools. Does anyone else have advice about them? The shop that I will be schooling at only has 1 cat groomer, which is the instructor/owner of the shop. So, I'm glad I will get to groom kitties - I love kitties!

                            I'm so excited to start school at the end of February, but I'm nervous as well. I get to start off with grooming the Humane Society & rescue groups I am very excited about that. I am always pro-rescue/adoption and making rescue dogs feel loved by grooming them is going to make me feel great because I am preparing them for adoption by looking their best!


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                              I graduated in the later part of 09 and here is what I can share with you that I use and continue to use today.

                              Les Pooches - Mat Zapper - I won't leave home without this one.
                              Miller Forge - Elite Soft Slicker, the larger one.
                              Kenchi 8" Straight, Curved, and Thinners. If you can afford it get the 5 stars with the swivel s. You will love the ability to pivot your shears in hard to reach areas.
                              4" Ball/Safety Tip Scissors
                              Walh Stainless Combs.
                              10, 15, 40, 30, 7F, 4f, 5f, 3f Geib Butter Cut clipper Blades. I would recommend several 7f, 4f, 30, you will end up using those the most.
                              Piece of flat Ceramic Tile. YOu can lay your blades on them to cool them down as your switching out blades.
                              I started off with a Andis 2 Speed Plus. Still use it today on my clipper vac.
                              I use a Wahl Switchblade as my other clipper.
                              CC T handle Pin Brush
                              A hard Slicker and a Medium Slicker. I have several styles like Franks Univeral, Master Grooming.
                              Under Coat Rack
                              One small Mat Breaker
                              One long Tooth Mat Breaker
                              Nail Clippers. I like the smaller to Medium Size ones from Miller Forge
                              Quik Stop
                              Ear Powder
                              Ear Cleaning Solution
                              Small Phillips Screw Driver, Small Flat Head Screw Driver
                              Fine tooth Comb
                              Medium Tooth Comb or a combination of the both.
                              Facial Comb.

                              That should just about do you. Your choices are unlimited on brands etc. But coming to you will get lots of input and advice.