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  • trying something new

    I was reading on another forum about the "bowser blaster" and decided that I would try it.

    It's cheap enough to make (around 10 bucks), so I went to Lowe's and got the supplies, went in this am and got it set up. MY, OH MY. How easy it is to use and rinsing is a breeze. It is even convenient when bathing the small dogs, unlike the recirc. It's quick, quick, quick and cut the bath time down to about half.

    I think I'm going to like this thing and will probably go out and get a few more of the sprayers to put other shampoo's in. I can save a considerable amount of product (and $) and just keep the sprayers filled with my favorite shampoo's and switch them out as needed onto the hose.

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    Originally posted by neanea View Post
    I was reading on another forum about the "bowser blaster" and decided that I would try it.
    Okay, tell me more of what this is????
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      Please, please elaborate. Maybe some pictures?


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        I had them set up on our tub in the Gilbert shop! Great!

        Very easy to do. Put a 4 gang valve on your spigot. Use one for fresh water. One for each for reguler shampoo, medicated or flea, and one for conditioner.

        I used the gilmore sprayers, as they can be adjusted for flow and consentration. I used a washer /pressure hose for each bottle and for fresh water with a garden sprayer on it. I had 3 tubs set up this way. We loved it! You can use a 2 gang valve if you don't want to go with the extra selection.


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          I'll try to get some pictures of my set up tomorrow, but no making any promises since I'm not feeling quite up to par <sniffle> <cough>

          As for what it is, basically, it's a sprayer like used for gardening that you put your undiluted shampoo in, attach it to your hose and your set up.

          This thing really pushes the product deep into the coat and skin and has quite a bit of pressure. I could see where if one had not-so-great water pressure, it could really give it a boost. It takes no time to bath a dog and still get them super squeeky clean. Guess the real test will come on Saturday. I have 2 springers and a huge GSD, so we'll see


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            I tried to do this before but wasn't able to figure out how to get it to fit on my tub fitting. We did use it during the summer months on the larger dogs that we do on our floor grate. We just attached it to the hose pipe that I have in the tub room. It did work wonderfully and I was bummed that I wasn't able to use it all the time cause it wouldn't fit tub.

            So, the fixture that I need to fit my tub is called a gang valve? Do you then use a garden hose w/it or does the gang valve fit the sprayer on the shower hose? I will DEFINATLY give this a try again! I have a recirc in one tub, but our "small dog" tub doesnt' have one.

            Thanks for starting this thread neanea!
            SheilaB from SC


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              You need an adapter

              if you have a regular tub spigot/faucet. As long as you can attach a garden hose to your spigot, just put the gang valve on, then attach hoses to it. One for fresh, and then how many sprayers you plan to use.

              Yes, you do have to have good pressure for this system ot work. And you may need to have a backflow valve depending on your city. (Gilbert AZ, you gotta have one on every faucet) Not a big deal, just another part from Home Depot or Lowes.

              I think we set each of our tubs up for something like $75. 4 gang valve, 1 backflow valve, another connector valve, 1 garden sprayer, 4 washer hoses, 3 gilmore bottles.


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                You need an adapter that converts your 1/2" bathroom-type plumbing, to a 3/4" garden-type plumbing.

                Here's some pic's I took.
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                  I am having trouble figuring this out, so I googled and found this site. I haven't finished reading it yet, but the pics look good so maybe the explanation is good too...



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                    Thank you for posting pictures. That looks way easier and more economical than the hydrosurge system.


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                      Thanks for the picts and detailed descriptions guys! I will give this handy tool another try in my "little dog" tub and keep it in mind as a replacement when my current sump pump croaks!
                      SheilaB from SC