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I just have to say... Laube iVac clippers review.

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  • I just have to say... Laube iVac clippers review.

    I just got my Laube iVac clippers today. oh how I waited 10 long days to get it in the mail. My bather and I shrieked for joy when we saw the UPS guy stop in front of my house. I shrieked for the clippers, she shrieked for the Wild Animal shampoo. LOL

    Took me a while to figure out how to hook it up to my Taxi Vac. I was in mid shave of a chow/mix and my andis clipper with a broken hose was falling apart on my. I was eager to get started with my new clippers and finish this chow. The 10 blade that wouldn't cut through with my old clippers, buzzed right through like butter with my Laubes!

    I particularly wanted these Laube clippers because I was so tired of that stupid vac hose coming out from the top of the clippers. As you might know, Laube has the hose coming out of the back end. MUCH easier to handle now. I must admit how much lighter it is also.

    I love love love these darn things. I am glad I dished out the money to buy them. Those x-mas tips helped a lot!! So if you were wondering about getting this clipper. IT IS WORTH IT!

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    I love my iVac also. In fact I loved it so much, when I had the opportunity to buy another one used, (groomer tried it once or twice but didn't like it) I jumped at the chance. I haven't needed it yet, but I have it stored away just in case mine ever konks out, I will have another.
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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      I feel the same way! Especially since I had mine hardwired (older model).
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        I guess I'm the minority here! I do NOT like my iVac clipper. It does not seem to work right. It seems like the blade drive is too worn and does not move the blade enough causing it to drag thru the coat. Has done that since I bought it and I have changed the lever.. Did'nt help.


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          Send it to Laube :-) they will fix it and you will LOVE them!!!!

          I LOVE my IVAC and got all of my employees one as well and the LOVE them!!!


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            Im trying to figure out whats going on here for sure. You said the lever is worn and you changed it and it still seems worn?? A couple things come to mind here.

            1. Are you getting the blades on all the way?? You just can't stick a blade on the hinge, start the clipper, and then close the hinge with the blade on it like you do an Andis clipper. Laubes takes a distinctive two part locking system to secure the blades on or they drag. Some blades will go on with no problem, but most wont. I have a video on my website called "How to put a blade on a Laube clipper". This will go over the locking system and how to get the blade on very easy if you follow my demonstration.

            2. Is the bearing in the "tune-up" kit ( Holds the lever inside the head ) bad from trying to slam blades on the clipper trying to lock them on? You can test for this very easy by takeing a blade off and putting your on the lever thats hanging out of the clipper. Try to move the lever side to side, it should move side to side with no problem. Now try to move the lever up and down with your . If it moves up and down freely its broken and your blades will drag.

            I also have avideo on my website called "What to check on your Laube clipper when blades dont cut". Get your clipper and follow along with the video chacking the parts on your IVAC.

            You can also send it to Laube, no garrantee's and they fix stuff very expensively not to mention keeping it a while.

            Hope this helps

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