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    Just wondering how groomers have faired by purchasing used equipment?

    I am considering purchasing a clipper vac tote that is less than 1/2 price used but can't see it because it will be shipped from a business that is closed. So I don't believe there will be much recourse if there is something wrong w/it. What could be wrong w/it??

    I bought a Grizzly used but drove to get it so it was fine. Had one tear in the cage attachment ... nothing duct tape couldn't handle.

    Any thoughts on used shears, clippers, HV's etc. I am always trying to save money but I know that on some things, it is better to go w/safe than sorry.


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    Used items

    I bought my C-V tote used. It was fine, I did see pix of it before hand. I have been happy with it! I also bought a table and a stand dryer used but I did see them first.

    I'd be more cautious about shears mostly because even when they say "recently sharpened" you have NO idea if the sharpener had any real knowledge of proper sharpening techniques. Many yrs. ago I bought some used shears, they were so out of whack I could barely cut ribbon with them!

    Good luck,


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      When I started grooming, I opened my own shop with a small budget to start. I did not know of these boards at that time. I went to e-bay and bought much of my equipment used. Between e-bay and a local groomer closing her shop, I bought clippers, blades, shears, crates, and dryers. As money came in, I started buying new stuff. The most expensive item I bought used was the dryer and it lasted me a good 3 years. So I would say used is o.k. to start and replace as you can. Hopefully you will be as lucky as I was. Any blades or shears you buy used will probably need to be sharpened before using.
      Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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        The most that can really be wrong with the Clipper Vac is the motor and they can be bought from MDC Romani or a vac repair shop in most cases. All of my online purchases have been really good with no problems.I bought a Davis dryer recently there were some issues with DURING the sale, one my fault, two theirs, but the dryer is perfect and works tremendously.
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          I have had really good luck with the used equipment on this board. I got my Clipper Vac. It was in great shape, and she actually threw in a bunch of other stuff that she had around. (she had closed her shop) If I am looking for something I always check there first.


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            Do vans count?
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