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so excited, found a new way to use my snap ons!

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  • so excited, found a new way to use my snap ons!

    I am new to the 'snap on world' and after breaking a few blades(stupid me I didn't read NOT to put a 40 blade on them grrr...) I found I really like them.
    The one thing that used to seem to take a lot of time, was brushing the coat up every few seconds to get a nice even base. I resorted to kind of blowing the hair up as I went along. Then I got the idea to use my hand blowdryer set on low cool to blow the hair up while I clip, then hand scissor slightly to get a nice finish!
    It seems to give me a great finish and takes me much less time! I just use a blade 1 size longer than I would ordinarily because it does seem to take it shorter.

    I am now in love with my snap ons.

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    Integrity...I mean absolutely NO disrespect, but good do find the longest ways to do things! I (re)emphasize...whatever works for great.
    With admiration for your creativity! Sibes.

    P.S. If you have the Wahl SS Combs...I AGREE!!!! Greatest thing since Mike's Thingies...w/ a 30 blade, (the combs that is!) Experiment using them in reverse...less scissoring to finish, go 1-2 lengths higher to be safe until you get the "feel". are refreshing!
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    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      why do you say that. and yeah I think I am feeling disrespected.


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        Thank-you for editing.

        I never thought of using them in reverse. (duh) like I said, I just got them, and I think the reason is in the back of my mind I was imagining them cutting 2 lengths shorter like a blade. I wanted them to cut the length stated on the comb.

        God... I have a lot to learn.. LOL.


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          Gee, if you like that, wait till you try a clipper's like someone holding the hairdryer for you!


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            Originally posted by elizo View Post
            Gee, if you like that, wait till you try a clipper's like someone holding the hairdryer for you!

            Lol I was thinking the same thing! Going reverse on a lot of coats is a REALLY great, time saving way to groom. Just be aware if you give it a try that it goes shorter than when you clip w/the grain. I always go UP at least 2 blade or comb sizes to make sure I don't go too short.

            Integrity, one thing that you will prolly learn after you have been on this board for a while is to try to not take so much as insult. You can't hear inflection in the typed word and the reader doesnt' always interpret it the same way that it was intended. By your own account you have a "lot to learn". There are many great teachers on this board that are willing to teach, but not all of them will take the time to "cushion" their words. Try not to take everything as being an offense ;-)

            Sure there are people on here that can be disrespectful but 4sibes isn't one of them. If she has a mean bone in her body she has yet to show it on this board.
            SheilaB from SC


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              Love, love, love my Wahl combs! I use them every day. If the coat you're clipping is clean and brushed back, you should get a nice even clip. Of course you'll still need to go over it twice to get the stiicky outies. The length you get also depends on coat texture. The more dogs you do, the better you'll be able to gauge that.
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                Thanks for asking the questions

                Integrity, I am sorry you are feeling disrespected, but please don't let that deter you from posting. I am learning something from every question you ask. It reminds me of when I was in high school in an advanced math class. I would always ask what I thought were dumb questions and others in the class would roll their eyes. I began prefacing my questions with "if this is a dumb question I can meet you during office hours and we can discuss it then". My teacher pulled me aside after class one day and told me my questions were not dumb, and that most people in the class were making the same mistakes but were too afraid to ask.
                So please keep asking, and ignore what you feel to be snippy responses. The more snippy responses, the livelier the discussion becomes, and the more we all learn.


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                  Clean dry fur with the Wahl comb and suction......the best. As for 4Sibes, she is the bestest and sweetie estes. So many others too, too many to mention. Good equipment is half the battle won.


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                    OH GOSH! I guess it was inevitable...w/ my big mouth and joshing ways...that I would offend the 1000th person. (Bells ringing, blue lights flashing, confetti raining down...) I hope we both get a prize from Admin for this.

           sincerest apology. It was never my intent to raise your hackles or hurt your feelings. I am sorry I didn't make that clearer in my post...even prior to editing (when I hit "send" instead of "preview"...hence the "edit".)

                    In a way you are fortunately unfortunate. I usually don't razz anyone until they have 500 posts...I think I'll go back to that "tradition",

                    Really sorry again for the misinterpretation! ONE more reason I need Etch-A-Sketch on here. [Sibes "etch-a-sketching" a giant sheepish grin.]

                    P.S. Sheilab was mostly right about the "mean bone"...but, between you and me, I have 3 mean bones....and I save them all for Sheila cuz she likes me so much.
                    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                      A Heart Of Gold

                      Sibes, I love you. <3


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                        Its ok sibes, I guess it hit a bit of a sore spot for me because over the course of the last four years, (going from very part time to full time) while I was re-learning how to groom after being away from it for years, I have had a boss riding me like 'seabiscuit' to go FASTER, FASTER, FASTER! ect.
                        I was recovering from a very tramatic divorce at the time, and trying to get back on my feet, with 3 small children.
                        The presure was almost unbearable some days. I refused to compromise the quality of my grooms for speed so I just endured it until, I had enough skill to think about going on my own.

                        I guess she decided to give up, (I wasn't fast enough to really make them any money) and cared enough to see that I would be better off on my own. she downsized the grooming end of her kennel business ( she doesn't want to do haircuts anymore and wants to focus more on the boarding) and helped me get going on my own from home. They let me take home a large amount of my kennel grooming clients.

                        Being a single mother of 3 it was the best thing for my kids and I anyway, even though I was very scared to take the plunge.
                        I love and appreciate her and her hubby for all they have done for me, but it was a very difficult journey. I still work for them one day a week.

                        I just rented this house, converted my basement into a shop, and opened this past September.
                        I am still slow! But it doesn't matter. I am making almost double what I was at the kennel.
                        I am finding I am learning more and improving in leaps in bounds. I suppose my focus is getting it down to the same 'formula' for each different trim. Once I find the same formula and I know I will get the same good results, my speed will come. Its secondary at this point.
                        Don't know why I am blabbing on and on.... I guess I thought it might help to know where I am coming from.
                        I will try not to take things to heart so much...


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                          Sounds like things are going at a steady clip for you in your life (pardon the You ARE doing things the right way. You need to get good and confident in grooming first. Speed comes naturally after that (to most).

                          Kudos to you in starting a new business and creating a secure career and great life for yourself and your children!

                          Bernie can I have the wishbone? I want to split it w/someone and make a wish!
                          SheilaB from SC


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                            I see you are a new poster so you are not that familiar with all the personalities here. One thing all us oldies know is not to take the sibes that seriously (well sometimes we do ) Just check out her thread - The $264 Beet - Is that the name??? Please don't let her antics/sense of humor (that's just her and all her beauty) deter you from this board. We all love her dearly and accept her evil ways. lol I know she did not mean to hurt your feelings.

                            I went mobile right out of grooming school so I was slow as molasses. I remember picking up my scissors and my hand would be shaking. I was a wreck but I always loved grooming and kept trying and didn't give up. My grooms went from two hours to less then an hour. All because I came here and read every night. It was truly one of the keys to my success. I went on to write a book, have a blog and even get on Animal Planet. How's that for a success story so there ya go! Keep asking questions and if sibes says something
                            overly witty tell her to kiss your grits! You have a wonderful story. I can tell you're a hard worker and you love what you do. You're going to have a happy ending. That's my prediction.