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Problem with my Speed Feeds

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  • Problem with my Speed Feeds

    I've had my Speed Feeds for about 3 years now without any issues. Last week I discovered one of the batteries wasn't holding a charge anymore. No biggie, I know I can buy just a batterie. Well now the charger itself isn't working. Does anyone know if I can buy just a new charger? I didn't see any for sale at the sites I see Speed Feeds for sale at. Thanks! I will contact Laube but thought I might get a quicker response here.
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    You can buy everything you need here. Ask and thee shall receive.
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      American pet pro sells them i see them everytime iam in the store


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        Thank you, I contacted Jow at Sudzandstuff and he told me the charger is not something they carry, it's a special order. So I can order it. He game me a few things to try to see if I can get it to work first, so I'll give that a shot. Thanks.
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          There is a link to the LAube Store on my website. You can buy just the charger there as cheap as anyplace. You can also buy the handset there as well.

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            You can't go wrong with Joe or Jeff both of them are HIGHLY recommended by Laube :-) (I should know).

            Joe is a groomer supply store and carries LOTS of stuff.

            Jeff is a specialist on all things clippers and blades- for parts and weird stuff he is the place to go.


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              Laube Speed Feed

              Wow! My Lady that's great you've gotten 3 years. Considering you probably paid around $100.00 at that time. Lets see that's $33.33 dollars a year $2.77 a month and .09 Cents a day!! Its sooooo worth buying a NEW one at that price. I think they are about 130.00 now, which would be about $10.00 a month and .36 cents a day if your calculating out for one year. Yahoo! For that matter a $300.00 clipper would only be about .83 cents a day. If we looked at the costs of good clippers in this way, more groomers wouldn't mind spending $$$ on a great pair of clippers that makes them a living. It's our tool of the trade, we all need at least 2 or 3 clippers to make a decent living and never be without our tools. It would be like a carpenter only having 1 hammer, never! We always need back ups for life's surprises. Ok, Ok got carried away.

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                I was thinking of just buying another head piece and the charger, but then I'd need to buy another batery anyway. Thinking with two batts and two heads I'd have two clippers that way, but since the charge went I may just buy a new one. Of course, now I (ahem) misplaced my business debt card I use for all my biz purchases, I have to wait for my new one.
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                  I was having a little trouble with my batteries not making contact in the charger. The charging light wouldn't come on either. I have found that if I keep the charger contacts super clean,and the little contacts on the batteries too by cleaning them with a q-tip,and a little rubbing Alcohol it really helped. Of course it wouldn't work if it is just plain wore out,just an idea to buy it a little more time maybe till you get your new one. I am going to buy a second Speed feed,as I would be lost without mine ,and it is about 3 years old too.Like the last poster said when you think of the cost of these super little clippers,and how much use we get from them it is very cost effective. My hbby is very money smart,and a good investor,I am trying to learn from him. LOL ...HHmm on second thought I think I should spend my meager savings on those Katana's I have always wanted LOL
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                    If your charger and batteries are in your van, watch out, they might be giggling around when you're driving. That can impede the charging process too and shorten the life of the batteries.


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                      Just Curious and way out in left field.

                      see me picking at the grass......I know our stuff is pretty specialized, but do you know if any of the Battery Plus stores carry replacement batteries for these types of items? I know they do some repair work and sometimes can boost charge batteries to revive them.