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  • Wahl KM-2

    I just ordered a pair, got them in the other day.

    I thought everyone said they were very quite and had hardly no vibration to them.

    Well this pair I plugged in just to listen to them run and they sound like a pair of hedge clippers and are pretty shakey seeling.

    I use the Andis burgendy clippers and each time I try a new brand I am dissappointed and end up sending them back and going back to the same clipper.

    I was looking for something a little lighter and quite and ergonomically shaped.

    Do they all sound like this or did I get a lemon , which I am good at always getting something that ain't right brand new.

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    I don't have the KM's, but I do have the switchblades they are quite noisy compared to Andis. However I love them, they are lighter, ergonomic and have variable speed. I can imagine that is the blad drive is of the same style they might be noisy as well. That being said you might need to adjust your blades to fit the drive as that might be part of the problem. You can look at Northern Tails website and see how to check for this and if needed make an adjustment to your blades.

    As far as the clippers go I love my wahl clippers and have heard nothing but good things about the KM.


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      I have the km2 and mine arent noisy but I think they are heavier then the andis. But I still really like the way they cut. I was told by Northern Tails that you can’t switch blades back and forth between andis and wahl the hinge spacing is different. So you really need a separate pair of blades for the wahl. I do love how the km2 and switchblade cut though and I know that the blades don’t heat up as much as they do with the andis. Good Luck


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        I used to use the KM2s and have gone to the Wahl Switchblades now. The KM2s are real work horses, but compared to the switchblades are heavier and noisier.


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          I just watched the DVD that came with them and I guess that is what they sound like, guess I will just give them a try, I never really like anything new till I get used to them, except my safe-t light andis trimmer, loved them from the get go, but the blades don't cut worth a darn half the time.

          I like the look of the switchblade but I had thought it only came with a 5-1 blade but I see I was wrong, can you put a clipper vac piece on the switchblade ? Don't look like it would work with the rounded nose on that clipper.


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            I have the KM2's - they're my preferred clipper. I also have a switch blade - it doesn't seem to get through heavy duty coats as well as the KM2's.

            Oh, and I am always switching blades between my 2 Andis clippers and the Wahls - never seem to have a problem.


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              I have the KM's and the Switchblade.... hate them both. I just can't get the "feel" for either of them. They seem so much louder and heavier then my Andis. The only reason I bought them was because I got tired of having problems with my Andis. They don't make those suckers like they use to.


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                Well guess I will be sending them back, took them to work and could not get any of the blades at work to snap on the clipper, we have a little bit of everything too.

                The only blade that goes on was the one that came with the clipper so I tried the ones we had like that and none of them went on either.

                I think I am going to trade for a Bravura, I need a cordless one.


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                  If you've been using your blades on an Andis clipper, the problem might not be the clipper. It could be your blades. Try turning the KM2 or Switchblade on without a blade. If they don't get noisy and vibrate until you put a blade on them, it's the blades.

                  Why? Because the socket on an Andis is slightly wider than the socket on a Wahl, which allows them to wiggle just a bit when the clipper is running. That's why you get the heavy vibration and rattle. You need to adjust the "ears" on the back of the blade. Use pliers and squeeze them together just a tiny bit more.


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                    The blade that came with the clipper fits on nicely but to me the clipper sounds like hedge trimmers and is nowhere as quiet and has more of a vibration to me than my Andis.

                    The blades I was trying have been used on andis and laube clippers they would not snap on whatsoever, I just don't want anything that does not interchange easily, I have to share with the other groomer and she tears up everything ! I have my own personal stash of equipment that I use when all else fails.


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                      I have Andis, Wahl and Geib blades and all of them worked on my Switchblade and Andis clippers with no adjustment. Not sure what your your problem might be.

                      there is no clipper vac attachment for the switchbade. I know they make it for the Andis square body and I think the KM.


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                        Noisy noisy noisy

                        I have KM2s also, I don't use them anymore, They actually were scaring some of the dogs. They are LOUD!!! I agree, the get through thick/matted coats better, but if the dog's trying to run away from them the whole time... Kinda defeats the purpose.