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Vacuum systems for learning?

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  • Vacuum systems for learning?


    I have been poking around this board for a while now trying to soak up as much info as possible. I am finally going to grooming school next month! Now the dilemna is which equipment I should buy. I don't see the point in buying extremely cheap stuff I will throw out right after school.

    I have heard wonderful things about the vacuum systems...I just wonder if they are appropriate to learn on? Should I learn to groom with traditional clippers before trying my hand at vacuum systems?

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    Yes, IMO

    You need to learn how to groom, then if you want to learn how to groom with suction, go for it. Some schools have the vac systems in place, others do not. When I had my school in AZ, years ago, I had a vac system , so once my students were comfortable with clippers in hand, then they got to work with suction. A bit of a learning curve, and differences in technique. Some loved it, others did not.


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      My groomer completed the course at PA Academy of Animal Arts (the Clipper Vac school) a couple of months ago. She bought the smallest unit (tote) and brings it with her. I have a taxi vac, but she learned on the tote and likes it). It really depends on the instructors and the school as to what they'll let you do. I'd ask them before you go spending money.