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    I'm new to clipper vac's and now that I'm mobile I'd really like to get more proficient with the system in my van. I've tried using it a few times, but with combs it looks a little choppier than when I clip without them. Also, with shave downs I've had issues with it creating a strip shorter than the rest. Using the clippers without smooth as can be. Is there some technique I'm missing? I just want my product to be the same as when I don't use the vac.

    Also, has anyone tried the Ivac tools? I was interested in how well the rakes work since I do get a few desheds.

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    Ivac tools- I have a ton that you are welcome to use :-) remind me and I will give you a set when we see each other next.


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      I use the vac clipper for the finish only, if I'm clipping with the grain and the dog has a lot of length. So bath, wet clip length off roughly, dry and then do finish with the vac, result = awesome and its fast. Otherwise you should use it against the grain and then you can take off as much length at once as you like. If you try to take too much length off with the grain you will get a choppy result.


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        some hints for you using the clipper vac systems.
        1st- you do not need very much suction!! i have used the hanvey vac for about 10 years now. I do not ever have it on over 1/4 of a dial on slow speed. The only time I will turn this up is to vac the floor. all you need is a little lift to the hair, just enough to vac the clipped hair from the body of the dog. This way if you are stripping a dog you will not get the painful pull from the matt going up the system or you get a plug you will beable to remove it before it gets into the systems hoses.
        2nd- always use at least 1 blade longer than what you want left on the coat. this system is lifting and streatching the coat so you will automatically end up with a shorter look than what you think. this takes some practice to get used to. like if i want a O comb look I will use a A comb for this look. and remember if you are going against the grain use 2 lenghts longer of blade.
        3rd- this tool is basically for keeping you healther and your shop cleaner. it is a great tool dont get me wrong, but you have to get used to using it and learn all the quriks that it has. it does work different than the normal clippers with out it.
        4th- this tool does speed up your grooming when you are proficiant in using it. there is a learning time, but you will not have as much cleaning, nor as much work in clipping the dogs. this will lift and get more hair per stroke than just with a clipper.

        now knowing the above take your time and work with it. like all our tools you have to train your hands to use this.


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          I use the vac for EVERYTHING- you have never seen lovelier poodle feet or cleaner paw pads than when you use a vac.

          I clipper everything from Skirted breeds to drop coats to "puppy cuts".

          As Wag said: lower suction the better, you only want to get the hair out of the way not suck up the skin.

          Also, you have 2 choices when clippering: Fast short strokes or Long slow strokes, choose which you like best and remember it :-) If you find yourself getting lines you are mixing it up (fast long or short slow) :-) Hope this helps.

          Lastly, I wet shave, prep, full groom, skim, you name it- if clippers are on so is the vac.


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            I love my clipper vac, but I can't figure out how to hold it?? I find myself holding the black attachment where it connects. This can't be good for it, I'm sure? Plus I need some help on how to keep the cord and tube up out of my way! Drives me crazy!!


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              Big oops!

              Well, I recently bought a Laube clipper vac and now I am afraid to use it! My salesman didn't show me anything so I assumed it was the same as my old Andis clippers.... WRONG!!!! I clipped down my first dog( a springer) and OMG it looked as if it was my first day on the job! Thank god the client understood the new " checkerboard" style! LOL...I have been grooming for 15 years and own my salon so I figured it was time to upgrade some equipment. I appreciate all of your tips. I will print them out and bring them to work with me! I hope this was a good business decision.
              Oh and for all of you who can picture and appreciate this, it was done with a 7f blade and on HIGH vac!( I just found the suction control yesterday!!!)