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    I get alot of unkept double coated clip downs. I was thinking of getting the Double K's to speed up my time. Some of the worst ones have taken me 4 hours of messing around with mats and blades that wont go through the undercoat. Any thoughts or suggestions out there?

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    Don't know

    I don't know what you are using, what the coats are like, and how much experience you have. One of the mistakes new groomers make is not knowing to tilt the blade enough on matted coats. Also, dealing with most matting can simply take longer, so there should be an "upcharge" for matted dogs, even when the owners think you can "just shave it off".

    I just read your other posts, and gather that you are fairly new and just out of school. After a year or two you may want to experiment with skiptooth blades, especially a 7 for terribly matted double-coated breeds. A skiptooth is tricky on small dogs, but on the large surfaces of Collies, Huskies, German Shepherds, etc., they are great. The F blades do not go through heavy matting as easily as the skips, although they will go through a lot. However, I also believe they clog easier and get dull faster.

    Another thing is to know that the body is usually not as tightly matted as other areas. So even if you can use a 4 or 5 on the body, know that you will have to go a blade shorter on, say, the rump and neck and chest, and then even shorter on legs, and maybe even shorter on lower legs and paws! That means I have often done a #5 on the body, #7 a little lower and maybe on the tops of the legs, and then had to use a #10 on the legs (especially bitty dogs where a #10 is safer in those tight spots and many ins and outs and curves), and even a #40 on the paws!! Ugh! Not pretty! But you do what you gotta do...

    So maybe having a faster/stronger clipper will help, and maybe it is what you are attempting or your lack of tilting the blade or some other thing that is taking you so long. I don't know. Maybe you can find someone in your area to help you out by watching and demonstrating on one of the matted dogs.


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      I have a pair and they are great for those heavy thick shave downs.You have to really watch the blades and keep plenty extras because they heat up fast with this clipper.The stiff cable takes some getting used to.Love mine wouldnt want to go through a summer without them.