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Decision Oster Golden A5 2 speed or Turbo A5 2 speee

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  • Decision Oster Golden A5 2 speed or Turbo A5 2 speee

    I am going to buy a new clipper and my favorite is the oster brand. I have never used a 2 speed clipper or a turbo clipper. Does anyone know which one is best. Golden A5 or Turbo A5.
    I have the old Oster A5 clippers (3 of them) a laube clipper and an andis clipper. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    I myself have bought the new Oster clipper with the "shovel" nose to them and I didnt like them for several reasons. They dont have the power your older ones do. They are put together with dryway type screws. The hinge kept lossening up and the blades would rattle. And finally, the post that holds the lever loosened up and caused the lever to wiggle and any blade I put on would drag from that being loose in the cutting system.

    I have a better suggestion since you like Osters.

    On my website I have an article with information about the Oster refurbish Program. You send in your old osters and they refurbish the whole clipper for $50 + shipping. Ive sent junk busted up clippers that didnt run into them and they came back with all new parts and looked like I just took them out of the box. You cant beat this deal...ever, and you already have clippers you like they just run slow or are broken. Here is a link to the document on my website:

    Hope this helps your decision

    Jeff Andrews
    Northern Tails Sharpening
    Mobile, Alabama &
    New Orleans, LA

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      I have both and do like the turbo better but it has a rattle that I don't care for. The high speed is great for clipping the body and I put it on low speed for hygiene clips where I don't need the power. I think next time I will look for a lighter clipper though.