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  • Grooming tools for school

    Ok, I went ahead and got my tools for school from the bookstore.. but I'm worried that the only dremel and the only clippers they had aren't what I would've picked myself. Like the dremel is cordless... I wanted a coreded one so I wouldn't have to worry about charging it. And the clippers... they are Andis AG-2 Super 2 Speed... are those good clippers? I have no idea about clippers just yet, but wouldn't they carry good clippers to teach their students with?

    Please let me know!

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    I'm still using my Andis clippers I got while in school. The list they gave you pretty much will cover everything you need to get started. Is cool they have the stuff in the book store now, we had to order everything online. The only item I don't use any more was the $20 greyhound comb,, has been in the back of my tool box forever,,,, lol, dosen't feel good in my hand. I found some metal combs with a wooden handle and my fav is a Bamboo comb with teeth that rotate. When do your classes start???


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      A cordless dremel is good to have. It will usually stop rotating if hair accidentally gets wrapped around it. The ones with the cords will keep rotating. I bought a cordless dremel and love it.


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        Hmm thanks!

        Thats good to know about the Dremel! Rudyroo, my classes start Monday the 11th. I started in spring because I couldn't wait for fall. And that's good that youre still using those... Let's me know they must be good. Thanks you two! I'm even more excited now!


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          I love my Andes AGC Super 2 Speed clippers, used them for years! I have only ever used a cordless dremel, I personally would not want a corded dremel. I have 2 batteries for my dremel, one stays in the dremel, one stays in the charging base, that way I never have to wait on a battery to charge. What brand of scissors did you get?


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            sorry it took so long... lol

            I haven't gotten the scissors yet, we don't need those until the next semester. I havent seen the scissors or thinning shears at the bookstore... I might have to get them online. :/ We'll see!


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              May I ask what school? I cannot imagine even beginning to teach a student that did not have shears in hand.....
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                When I started school we got the basic Andis single speed and I still have those but have bought 2 of the 2 speeds since then. I really like that particular clipper. I also use the cordless dremel for the same reasons already mentioned. Sounds like pretty good equipment. Good luck to you.
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                  Originally posted by Particentral View Post
                  May I ask what school? I cannot imagine even beginning to teach a student that did not have shears in hand.....
                  She is going to the same local tech school I went too,, I'm confused also,,, we used scissors learning how to do feet the 1st semester,, all we did with the clippers was sani's & pads, we didnt start clipping dogs unitll the 2nd semester. The 1st semester was big hairy Newfies and Goldens, bathing & brushing & HV'ing till I thought my arm would fall off,,,lmao