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Oster "light" clippers - should I even bother opening them?

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  • Oster "light" clippers - should I even bother opening them?

    First of all, I am by no means a professional groomer like most of you ladies! I only groom my own miniature schnauzer puppy, mostly because I don't want her in the standard schnauzer cut; I keep her looking like she did at three months, without a beard and with long ears, and I leave her body a little fluffy. I'm sure I could find a professional who would do what I want, but I really love grooming her myself

    I was previously borrowing my father's Wahl clippers, which worked fantastic on her, but it was a pain in the rear having to wait till we had a chance to see eachother so I could borrow them. I was given a pair of clippers for my birthday so I wouldn't have to wait any more; they were cheapo Conair ones, and when I tried them out they wouldn't even cut Katie's hair. They pulled out her undercoat and clumps of yanked-out hair would get stuck between the clipper blades; it didn't matter if I went fast or slow, used turbo mode or not, or which way I trimmed the hair; it just didn't cut anything.

    So, now I've been given a pair of Oster "light" home grooming blades. Because I'm the only one who grooms her instead of just doing touch-ups between appointments, I'm worried they won't work either or won't be heavy-duty enough to bear groomings every 3 weeks (I keep her hair a little longer in winter for warmth, so I trim it more often to keep it from getting too long and tangling).

    Should I even bother opening them up, or should I take them back and get the heavy-duty ones (or a different brand/model altogether)? Price is a concern - my father's clippers only cost him around $35 (CAD), but the Oster "light" ones were closer to $50. That's really the upper limit of my budget, but I don't need anything fancy - I just want something that will cut her hair and not pull!

    Thanks in advance for any help
    -Former Lurker

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    Welcome to the world of posting!!!

    I wish I could answer your question for you. I've never tried those clippers. If you are going to use them, be sure Kate is clean and dry and combed out before using the clippers. You will get a better clip and keep the blade sharp longer when clipping clean fur.

    My recommendation would be to save up a bit more money and get a heavier duty clipper. You will only ever have to buy one pair and you and your dog will enjoy the grooming sessions more. Perhaps you could find a used clipper, withing your budget, on the used equipment for sale page here on or try e-bay.
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      I would take them back and save up for a nicer pair (around $100). Keep an eye on Ebay, a friend got a nice pair of Laube clippers and some Kenchii shears for great prices. With the cheap clippers, even if they work at first, they won't last. You will be buying $50 clippers every one or two years. (I had a pair of cheaper, $60, Andis that didn't last 2 years on two small dogs who aren't clipped that often. My Maltese is usually scissored and my mother's Schnauzer mix is only clipped a few times in the warmer months.) It's better in the long run to just buy a good pair.


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        Thanks for the quick replies!

        @Cat Crazy, I always groom her after her bath. She gets a thorough bath and then combed and blow-dried to help straighten her fur so I get a more even cut - since I keep it longer it does curl quite a bit if not dried properly.

        @Maltese_mama, that was my thinking and my worry, that they wouldn't last. I do have the option of making up the difference in price for a better set from my savings, but I have a photoshoot coming up in January that I need a new speedlight for... I may have to keep borrowing my dad's and wait!

        I think I've decided not to try the clippers after all - we already have a useless Conair pair that do nothing lying around. I'll take your suggestions and look for a good second-hand pair and save up for them

        Thanks again!


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          best to buy professional clippers and blades, you know they will last, and all you need to do is sharpen every once in awhile.