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  • Peticure power with cord

    I am tiered of recharging batteries for my dremel all the time and I really like the safe guard for peticure. I have tried the battery operated one and thought that it didn't have enough power. Does anybody own corded Peticure power? Is it worth the money?

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    I purchased the corded one at Intergroom a couple of years ago. Within weeks its motor started squealing very loudly. I purchased the rechargeable one last year and the same screaming motor thing happens with this one. I love the attachment but just don't seem to have much luck with the Peticure dremels.... I think the cordless models have two different sizes/powers - I have the more powerful one.


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      Buy the Lithium Ion cordless Dremel for $75 roughly. It will work wonderfully, its variable speed and the battery last a week or so in my shop using it on almost every single dog. My corded Peticure was good for a month or so...then nothing.
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        The corded dremel 300 and the cordLESS 10.8V will accept the peticure cap. I use the cordless 10.8 with the cap and love it. I'm not sure if the caps that come WITH the peticure grinders will work on the dremels. You may have to buy just the peticure cap separately. They're black now.


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          I bought the corded Peticure about 8 months ago and use it on almost every dog, and it runs fine. I like it cause it has more power than the cordless ones.