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What thinners/blenders/chunkers?

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  • What thinners/blenders/chunkers?

    I only have one pair of gator 40 (?) tooth thinners. I want my grooms to look very natural, not all scissored. I just trimmed up a cavalier this week using only my thinners and he looked beautiful, but it was so time consuming.

    What one thinner/blender/chunker do I HAVE to have? One you can't live without?

    I am putting my Christmas money towards this one purchase. I probably won't be able to get anything else til the All American show in August.


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    i think you need one of each......
    my personal set is

    small Roseline blender/thinner (single sided)

    Geib croc blenders ,i think 48th?

    large 26th chunkers ,i have Oster

    i could 'probably' live without the little Roselines ,(or small thinner in general) but the other two go to the grave with me


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      There are 3 I can't live without: (if money isn't an object)

      Geib Katana 38 tooth

      Geib Katana 48 tooth

      Jodi Murphy's Outliner

      I wish I would have not been cheap this whole time and started out with the Katanas. They are give or take $300 but they are so easy on your hands and take a good amount off at a time while making the dogs very natural looking. I also love Jodi's for smaller areas such as feet and eyes/ears. Hers are $175. The chunkers I can do without because they tend to fold hair on me alot- when they work they are awesome but they frustrate me so much I rarely use them I know it is how I'm putting pressure on the cutting blades or something but the 3 thinner/blenders above never let me down and I can do a whole dog with them if I want.