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Which clippers, shears, nifty tools do you sugest?

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  • Which clippers, shears, nifty tools do you sugest?

    Hello all!

    My mother has graciously offered to buy me some grooming tools! I'm very excited but I'm sort of at a loss. I really have no idea what brands I want to get, which I should get first, or what to spend. So any tips as to finding the best quality and not a crushing her or myself with a huge bill would be greatly helpful.

    I am in luck though. She is good friends with the owner of the handful of large local pet stores, and will be charging her only 5% above what he would buy everything for. (I also don't necessarily need to buy everything at once.) If I can get something cheaper somewhere else I will would always do that too.

    So let me know what kind of 2 speed clippers you suggest, and why. Which blades for them you suggest (I've been eying ceramic blades) Possibly a brief description about the speeds. The grooming manager where I work was adamant about having a 2 speed. I just don't understand if faster is better since it seems like it would get too hot too quickly. =/

    Which types of shears you like, which you would suggest to a new groomer, and what you like about them.

    Pretty much anything you can think of for someone who will be learning how to groom soon, but has access to necessities and can take it slow and get quality grooming supplies. (but nothing too extravagant!)

    Also it would be helpful if you have links to where the product you are talking about has a description, option to buy (in case its cheaper!) plus its always handy to have a trusted site that other groomers use.

    thanks everybody!!!

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    Groomer's Helper. Worth every penny. It is NOT a luxury.
    "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
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      Originally posted by Smart-n-Pretty View Post
      Groomer's Helper. Worth every penny. It is NOT a luxury.
      =) It was the first thing I bookmarked before I posted anything, (I always search something before I make a post about it) but you made me go back and watch the video and I think I might get it on my next paycheck. LOL


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        scissors should be bought at trade shows. it's the only way to see how they feel in your hands. i have geibs and kenchiis. you'll need a straight, curved and thinner to start. buy 2 of each if you can. clippers are the same way. i like the laube lightening and the wahl switchblade, but then again andis, osters and the red clipper is good also. you nees to feel it in your hands. one thing you cannot live without is the wahl moser. it's a small clipper for feet, face and sanitary.
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          I've really been thinking- well leaning towards Andis clippers, but I really like the look of the wahl switchblade. I've never used the wahl series clippers, but I was wondering if anyone knew the model of the really quiet one, I don't know if it has detachable blades or not. Andis is what I've used the most and probably what will work best, just from shear familiarity.
          As for shears that doesn't seem to be as big of an issue for me to adjust to which I'm using. (I know that sounds a bit backwards) I've only used other peoples shears, and honestly it doesn't seem to hinder how well or comfortable they are working for me. However, the extra rubber inserts for shears seem to be a must for me. A little weird but I'm fairly flexible.

          Maybe if everyone just says what they use brand/series/whatnot pro's and cons it would be helpful.

          thanks workingchihuahua

          Any suggestions on ceramic clipper blades?



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            I second the groomers helper.

            for me the Wahl Chromado clippers.. They are my "bestest" friend..


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              Must have's!

              Theres 3 things that if took away from me I would Quit!
              1- Groomers Helper
              2- Wahl SS snap on Combs
              3- Wahl Bravara's ( sp)

              As far as Shears, Kenchii's are very nice, the 5 Stars are great for everyday


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                Switchblade are for heavy jobs like shavedown/strip. They are heavy (maybe too heavy for use on every dog, but great for matted coats/wet shave downs, etc.

                Bravura are lightweight and fast but, you cannot fit the SS clip on guides because they do not fit. I'm sure if they did nobody would buy other types of clippers. The blade lengths are 9,10,15,30 & 40 so they are great for sanitary work and puppy faces & face shy dogs who need to get shaved under the eyes. You can use thm cordless or plug in a cord if your battery runs out.

                Andis AGC are good for every day grooms. They are my work horse. I do most of my guide comb work with them. You can work faster with a set of clippers which do not go as fast that you can control better than a set of clippers which go fast and are too heavy for you. That is a personal preference. For all I know you could be used to working with horses or something that takes great strength, but, a good thing to try to do is use the lightest set of clippers you can to save wear and tear on your wrists and hands.
                "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
                People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me


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                  for clippers I use the Laube's. nothing else works as fast as I do...


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                    I like the Andis Light Speed. Love that light on sanitarys and clean feet! Only one speed Also like the Andis Power Groom.

                    Shears are Geib thinners, Talyn curved, and I have a ball tip pair as well. Also a 4 inch pair of detailing scissors (not Talyn just a generic pair) for around ears and feet. My straights are still the pair I got from school. They are Monks.


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                      I know how long ago I had made this original post, but I'm actually going to be making so decisions and buying what I need! I start my training in a few weeks!

                      I've been looking on Petedge and have decided on the Andis UltraEdge 2-Speed Clipper. Which blades should I buy first? Also I understand that I should buy more then one of some of them, how many of which ones do you suggest? What are people experiences with the ceramic blade? I think I'm going to get blades through work though.

                      Next I've been looking at the Heritage Convex Canine Collection Swivel shears. I've used shears like this before and really liked them. I was thinking of getting 8 1/2 curved and straight. Then I was thinking of getting one of the cheaper master grooming tools shear sets and a curved, since it was suggested I get back ups. Eventually I would like some nice ones, but I figure for now...



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               If you are ready for some 9". They have a fantastic sale on straights and curvies, I have both and love them. They are true workhorses,and nice scissors for detail work too. They are a bit heavy though,which I like as it helps me get hair off faster,instead of fiddling too much. Kenchii are another fave. Geib entre good scissor for the buck. I had some heritage that I like too. Geib chunkers,or motion scissors are indispensable once you have them. I really like Katana's too,but they are pricey! There are some good shears for a good price if you shop carefully. Heritage makes a 46 tooth thinner with a slight bent shank that are really nice for about 70$ I reach for mine all the time. Have fun shopping! Lucky girl.
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                          my basic must haves...

                          -Laube Speed Feed trimmer or something similar
                          -geib entree 40 tooth thinners
                          -curved & straight shears, gators are relativity cheap if you need something durable at a lower cost, at school they had us get the thinned bladed Roseline shears.. 7.5" I think.
                          -small 4" blunt tipped scissors, I have roseline and love them
                          -the matt zapper les pooch brush if you can afford it
                          -I like the andis 2 speed & whal km2, but my absolute fav is the laube mini micro but that may be something for an upgrade. The km2 is a close second, have been using it for 6 months now. I have two andis and one just had the cord replaced(3 years old) the other one the circuit board(1 year old) detatched. But they are good clippers overall.
                          -whal stainless steel combs and a 30 blade or two

                          I don't like ceramic blades personally.. you can't sharpen them but they do stay cooler. I just make sure I have at least 2 of every blade.. for starters I would go with at least two #7fs, one(two if you can) #5fs, two #4fs, & one #30(for the whal combs). You'll get a #10 with your clipper and if you get an adjustable trimmer(speed feed) you'll have a 9,10,15,30,40 all the time. I would buy an replacement blade for your trimmer, although you might not need it for a few months. You can use a ceramic tile to place blades on to help them cool faster if needed, I don't use coolant at all after research on this board. If I was starting over again I would probably put the money in and get one of the Kenchiii shear sets.. with curves, straights & thinners. As far as back ups, I survived for a year without b/c I had to.. it wasn't too bad as long as you have a sharpener that can return quickly and works weekends. Now I have two 7.5 straight, 8 curved, 7.5 curved. I also have one pair of 40 tooth thinners, the 26 tooth oster blenders. I think my next big purchase may be some 10 inch straights & a pair of thinners that blend more than the 40 tooth but less than the 26. Honestly I hardly pick up the straights anymore. LOVE the curves. They were the missing link in my grooming life. =)

                          If you have any other questions about tools on a shoestring budget let me know!


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                            Oh yea

                            OK. So I got the Andis Ultra Edge 2 speed. I should get it by Monday. It will be coming with some 7.5" straight and curved Heritage Stiletto's and a Heritage Convex Canine 48T Single Blade Thinner. I've already gotten my Heritage Convex Canine Collection Curved and Straight Swivel Shears 8.5"

                            Poodleluv, I plan on getting a nice set of Kenchii when I have the money and have practiced a little.

                            Thanks Elizabeth for the great suggestions! Maybe I'll get one ceramic and one Ultra or something...
                            I'll be getting some blades in the next week or so, at least I'll have the use of blades. Then I'll get some combs, the groomers helper...

                            I will most definitely be revisiting this post every time I get more money to spend. LOL.


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                              Check out the Wahl Competition Series blades. You will be hooked for life. They hold an edge like nobody's business.
                              "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
                              People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me