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Double Sided thinning shears

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  • Double Sided thinning shears

    The guy that sharpens my blades also sells a range of scissors and such. The last two times he's been in, he's been going on and on about the double sided thinning shears. Next time he comes in, I should have my xmas money on hand and plan to buy a pair of GOOD thinners (I get to test them if I buy from him, which is great).

    Has anyone used these? Are they better than the usual thinning shears (in the $150-$200 price range)? Comments are much appreciated before I buy something and wind up not being able to use it.

    My thinners are mostly used for blending, if it matters; but I'm branching out my use to do head pieces and such.

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    Azoci is the resident expert on thinning shears.
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      Azoci will have plenty of info for you, indeed! Knows not only the answer but the hows and whys behind it.
      Personally I don't think they're necessarily "better", but they're different. Thinners toothed on both blades are great for actually [i]thinning[/i] coat - if you want to debulk an area on a spaniel or a Golden from underneath the topcoat, for instance; I do this seldom and very sparingly. Blenders, with one straight blade and one toothed, can do a good job thinning, but I find these superior for blending and softening lines.

      (your mileage may vary)


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        They do two totally different things. A good blender is a must for anyones tool box, but the doubles take off length as well, so they make large dog work faster. Not something I use all the time, but they do have their place.
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          Thanks all!

          Decided today I'm going to get a better pair of my blenders and not do the others, since I don't bulk thin that often.

          Thanks again


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            Double thinnners are not for bulk thinning they are for removing a lot of hair fast on the OUTSIDE. If you used them on the inside of coat you would be in trouble.

            THINNERS are double teeth, blenders are one blade with teeth and one like a scissor...DOuble thinners have one tooth, one scissor and a pair of shears attached to them....
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              Totally correct Debi.

              I have a bunch of blenders, and a couple of thinners. I use my thinners for top coat work to even off or shape a coat quickly. That's not to say I don't then go back and use my sculpting blenders to do fine finishing.

              I think once you get into detailed work you'll find that different teeth, shape and how many, will make a lot of your decisions. I have some pairs I really like, use on every dog, others not so much, and some others, not at all for one reason or another.

              A good Thinner is just another tool in your arsonol of tools that make work easier.


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