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opinions on wahl switchblade?

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  • opinions on wahl switchblade?

    what do yall think of the wahl switchblades? when i bathed, two of the groomers there had them and they loved them. i think theyre cute and i like the way they feel in my hand but im wondering how long they last and how loud/powerful/fast they are? i work in a vet so there are alot of really nervous and panicky dogs, and also alot of neglected and matted coats. im currently using an extreemely old A5 and it sounds like a rollercoaster. this thing reeks of ancient mechanics and it keeps rattling the blades right off the lever. and they heat up soo fast that i have to stop every 5 minutes for a cool down or blade switch. its frustrating and im done, im making them but my new clippers (:

    so are the switchblades a good investment? or what do you recommend?

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    I have the switchblade, and I really like it. It is pretty powerful, though, so it's kind of noisy and I've found that my blades heat up rather quickly.


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      I have a Switchblade, and I really like it. I also have the Wahl KM2, and I honestly think I like it a bit better.

      The Switchblade did have a lot of problems when it first came out. Mostly with the cord. But I think they've gotten that under control. And Wahl does stand behind their products 100%. If you have a problem, contact them and they'll fix it.

      Now, a word about that ancient A5 you're currently using. If the blades are rattling and popping off, the clipper probably needs a new blade latch. They're cheap and easy to replace. I've done it many times. And while you're at it, the blade drive (also cheap and easy to replace) should probably be changed, too. Fix those, and hang onto it for a back-up.


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        Northern Tails did a comparison of the Switchblade and the Andis clipper. Check out his website, I think it's on there.


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          I find with my switchblade...if you keep the speed at a slow to moderate speed, and well oiled it does not heat the blade as much. I only crank up the speed if am going through a realllly tough mat. I just love the fact I have the ability of multiple speeds...not one or two.


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            I love my switchblade!

            It's been going strong for over a year now. Blades don't heat up (I use ceramic ones mostly though) It's light and comfortable, powerful and durable. I did have to send it back to Wahl for a free repair shortly after I got it for a new cord, but as Helly said, they've figured that out now. I used KM2s before and found them very durable too, but not as powerful.


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              NOISY!!! And I was suppose to have bought it AFTER they repaired the cord problems. Nope! It is starting to develop cord problems. I bought it awhile ago and I pretty much won't use it. I am so disappointed in it.
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                Originally posted by liiikesunshinee View Post

                so are the switchblades a good investment? or what do you recommend?

                I bought one about 2 years ago. It was OK, but not nearly tough enough for my shop.

                I like Andis 2 speeds. Quiet, cheep to repair and tough as nails. Can take a fall from my table onto the tile floor and keep on ticking.