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"Oliver's Paw Pal"- nail grinder

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  • "Oliver's Paw Pal"- nail grinder

    So, they've been out awhile now. Has anyone used this grinder yet? They're very expensive. I was just wondering if they're worth it. I love my dremel.
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    Never heard of it, but if it's big, I won't go near it. So many people dislike the blue Master Grooming grinder, but I love it. It's really small and fits my hand great. The stone is the only attachment I use because it won't wear out like the sandpaper discs.


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      does anyone use grinders for people on their dogs? I get manicures, and their grinder is so much quieter than that oster dremel I have. gosh, that things a blaster! any suggestions?


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        Wal-Mart Dremel

        I bought the blue cordless dremel from Wal-Mart for under 20 dollars and it's great. It's not as strong and loud as the corded dremel which IMO makes it perfect for doing nail grinds. For 20 bucks, you just can't beat it.