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  • Scissors for the new groomer

    Hi---I am a groomer in training and I want your opinions. How as a new groomer am I to know what kind of scissors to purchase? I look at the pet edge catalog, but I have no idea what is going to feel good to me and what wont. I am to going to the Atlanta show in a month, so I know that will help. But if I wasn't going there, what in the world is a new groomer to do?

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    Scissors are one of those things that you will constantly be trying out, throughout your grooming career. Some of us are scissor-holics! (I started a thread here about them too, as I'm in a new scissor buying mood)

    It's actually a difficult question to answer as it boils down to personal preference. It also depends on the size of your hands, the weight of the scissors, your scissoring style, so many things!

    The best thing to do is go to a show and try out different scissors and see what feels right to you.

    For a beginner who can't get to a show, I would recommend something in the $40-60 range, there are plenty of good scissors in that price range that can do a great job, be forgiving of mistakes: dropping them or cutting in the wrong place--the more expensive, ultra-sharp scissors cut a little too efficiently and will cut skin before you know it). I also recommend that price range as you won't be out a ton of money if you "outgrow" the scissors

    Also look for warrantys, always a bonus if you really hate them you can return or exchange them, and occasionally a pair is a "lemon"--from a good line but that particular pair came out bad.

    (I would also reccomend a beginner go no longer than an 8 1/2, will give you better contol
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      well when i was in grooming school we all got the cheapos from ryans paw brother scissors,and i still use them i really like them,i also like my roselines,but cant wait to buy a pair from geib,its always better to check them out in person,see what fits your hand the best,i like lighter shears,but my friend whos tiny,but has huge s,has a hard time fitting her in shears,but she likes them heavier,so its good you are going to a show,but i use my thinners alot too,dont know what i would do with them,i think i use them more than shears,i do have 7 shears but my paw brother and roselines i like the most,good luck


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          I did the same as pampered and just changed to Geib Avanti. The Gators are great scissor at a more affordable price, they will last forever and when you decide to change you will still go back to your Gators for certain things.

          In school we got Millers Forge, then I bought Gators. Go to a show and try them out. Don't just judge price but also how they fit in your hand and their balance.


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            Over the years I have tried many, I really love the Kenchi.


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              For starting out, and using a less expensive pair of shears, go with the Gators. You can upgrade later to Crocodiles, SuperGators (all of these are by Geib), Cheetahs, etc...Anyway, what I'm saying is if you're going to spend in the $40-$60 range, might as well go with a reputable brand.

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                i might be really stupid for asking this question

                sorry....i am about to ask two of the stupid-est questions in the grooming world.
                stupid ? #1 but how can you tell if a shear is "well balanced'? explanations anyone?
                stupid question #2 how can i tell which shears are best? every one says to judge by how they "fit" your hand and how they feel to you, but i cant tell, they seem the same to me. i know you all are probably thinking that this is really stupid and i should know by now but i dont.
                any help would be great.


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                  Definitely go with any Geib shears. I've tried a couple other brands and always seem to go back to Geib. I started with Gators and the last 2 pairs I got were the Titans and the Crocodiles. He also has a lifetime warranty as long as you send them to him for sharpening and he does a fantastic job.


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                    k thanks. i have been considering Geib. they seem like high quality scissors and almost everyone on here has recomended them. cool, thanks.


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                      LOVE the Gieb crocodiles!!!
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                        Kenchii Rocks!

                        I Love my Kenchii's way better then my Giebs..


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                          I am with Bubbles! I love the Kenchiis!!!


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                            so should i buy from Geib, Kenchii or other brands? just need opinions...i am very confused as to which brands are "best". any opinions would be great,


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                              I like my Roseline shears because I prefer a lighter shear.

                              The best way to choose shears for yourself is to put them in your hands. Try to get to trade shows or even dog shows.

                              Some sharpening services also carry shears.