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    Hello everyone! So i've been home grooming for many years, but only part time.
    Always worked with basic equipment, but starting full time grooming and need to step it up!

    So i've been working with 2x metro 4amp force dryers which i need to use together, however they are getting very old and slow. I need to up the game with my dryers.
    I work on my own, and typically only take one dog on at a time. Never used fluffers, cage dryers, etc. (However would love to have suggestions on if i should purchase one, and if so which...)

    So first, i need a new force air dryer, i get a lot of matted, or very hairy collies, shepards, huskys, etc. but also shih tzu, poodles, and so on.
    I wanted the K9III but can't for the life of me find a place to purchase in Canada...

    So unless anyone knows of where i can buy one in Canada, what would you guys suggest, i need POWER! I was thinking K9II or possibly XPower brand?

    Any other that might be even better? And if the xpower brand.. which one?!

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    The three isn't any more powerful than the two it's just easier to change motors. I personally didn't like ours at all. I seem to remember one motor blowing the hose off the other side or something. I can't remember but it was a pain. So just go with a II and get a hose holder for fluff drying.


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      Oh! Very good to know. I did hear of a few people saying that about the hoses! Are you happy with your K9II or did you find another one even better?


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        And the K9II Is currently sold out from the supplier i am able to buy it from.
        Is the xPower B-25 as good as it seems? I have heard reports of it either giving a "pop" and dieing pretty quickly or catching fire? While others swear by it.
        Double K i keep hearing people LOVED it but the last few years the quality seems to have gone down and they are having to replace the dryer every year.