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Dremels last only 6 months

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  • Dremels last only 6 months

    I was reading a post today saying they find their dremels last around 6 months and burn out? I get at least a year, anyone else?

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    Year and year and half here. Perhaps different models?


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      I have been using my current one for 3 years ( usually 6 or 7 dogs five days a week)
      It is the micro mini dremel
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        What Cyn said. I use the cordless micro mini and it holds up and sure you pay more.


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          Has anyone tried the Dimastripper one? I tried it at Hershey and it seems awesome, but it comes with a hefty price tag. I guess if it lasts it worth it though.
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            I think I paid about $69 at Depot.


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              Used to have to replace almost every 9 months.. once I stopped using my one bather my deemed has lasted over 2 years. She would drop it and bang it around. Paid $99 at Home Depot for the 8200 series. Have 2 batteries ( kept one from the last one that died) and haven’t had a problem with it. I don’t cut nails, only Dremel.