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Sugar Scrubs, anyone still doing them

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  • Sugar Scrubs, anyone still doing them

    I was talking with someone I might hire and she mentioned she does sugar scrubs, do we? Actually I don't but am curious if anyone is still doing them and share a little. Thank you!

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    I still do them on occasion. Especially for CC and other thin coat of dogs that have problematic skin, or those with some flakiness that could benefit from it. I generally don't do it on for coded long-haired dogs. I have used it on the chin of Bulldogs and Frenchy's and even a couple Pekingese seems to help clear up some of that acne issue


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      I do on 2 dogs that I groom-both with flaky skin.
      Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

      Groom on!!!


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        Could it make any difference whether you used white, brown or raw sugar??? Never done this.


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          Probably not, and really neither is really healthier. I once heard that if white sugar or raw had to undergo safety tests for humans, the side effects would not get approval. Sugar was or would be grandfathered in. I had a sugar eating aunt and she lost almost all of her osteoarthtritis pain just be stopping sugar, said to be an inflammatory.