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    Our salon is getting remodeled this year. YEAH!! Excited to make it more organized, easier to clean and always to get new equipment! I'm extremely interested in the LIp System by Hanvey. I works alone so anything that can give a helping hand is welcome. I noticed in a picture it was shown with a ceiling mounted grooming"arm". Like an adjustable upside down T. I since can not find it.

    So question one; who uses the lip system and do you like it, love it, or hate it and why?

    Question two; Can you get a ceiling mounted grooming arm & if so for those that have them do you like them better than a traditional one?

    It's not what you look at that matters; it's what you see.
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    Oh I don't know about ceiling mounted. We have the table version and 2 of my groomers love it. Sometimes we still use the Groomers Helper, I find it easier to groom their bodies not in a sling using the helper. Did you call them?


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      I have had my Hanvey hydraulic table with LIPS for probably about 15 years. I can't hardly imagine my life without it. 10/10 would replace with another if anything ever happened to it. After all these years, there is a small tear in my pebble top that will eventually need to be addressed, and I need to replace the seal because it's leaking some fluid and sometimes slowly lowers itself to the floor, mostly overnight. But it's 15ish years old and with daily use. It has been more than worth it. The seal looks like a fairly straightforward DIY fix for anyone moderately handy.

      I also bought mine because I mostly work alone and needed the extra helping hand. I can move loops and restraints around in a virtually infinite variety of ways to keep dogs safely and comfortably in place as necessary, not so much a big thing for me now that I have all regular returning clients, but a huge help for those dogs who need a bit of extra assistance. I think it was the biggest help for me with large dogs. My table has the wheels that can lock into place or roll freely. When I was doing big dogs, I would lower the table to the floor, walk the dog onto the table, secure with LIPS, and then I could roll the table to the tub, lock wheels, raise it up, and walk the dog into the tub. If someone does big dogs alone, it's worth it for that alone.