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Leash,collar, and grooming instructions help with organization!

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  • Leash,collar, and grooming instructions help with organization!

    Would anyone like to share what works for them to store leashes and collars when the dogs check in? And what do you do with grooming instructions to keep with the pet during its stay?? Thanks

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    I am low volume, one person so don't know if I will be much help.
    I hang all collars & leashes on my door gate....grooming info is kept on a index card on my tool chest (I know what dog is which).
    I do remember being located in vet clinics that leashes and collars were put in a bin hanging on dogs run along with a computer printout of what vet procedures were needed and it also stated if dog was getting groomed ( belongings were SUPPOSE , lol, too be listed on this print out as well) so vet techs would know. When I took the dog for grooming (out of its run into grooming room)......I took paperwork so whoever sent the dog home would know what dog it was ( staff were always a great help to me) and I took collar and leashes as well, collars were put back on dog after groom and leashes were hung on hooks under a dry erase board with the dogs name above hook on that board.
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      I give them back to the owner. That way I'm not the one that misplaces them.


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        I have 6 hooks(coat size) on the wall in check in area......above each one is a 4x5 black picture frame w/plain white paper and glass on top so that I can write each dogs name every day on the glass and easily wipe off and change. I decorated the frames to match my colors in the shop. People love to see the dogs special place. Some of my customers need to leave me their "stuff" because hubby or kids are picking up.....


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          Countrygirl....I have slip leads that I just give away for the people that have someone else picking up. The same kind that the vets use...with my name and phone number of them.

          Cute idea with the picture frames!


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            I hang collars leads on my spare table with their grooing consent form under it and on the consent form is a section for possessions so if for what ever reason they get muddled up I can find whose is whose


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              We do one dog at a time (per groomer), so I just hang their collar/leash from my grooming arm. Once the dog is done we clip the leash to the front of the crate.

              If there are multiple dogs in the shop, one system that works is to have shower curtain hooks with binder clips .Attach one to each cage, and use them to hold the card. You can also have one at each groomer's station for the dog they are currently working on.