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I LOVE Espree Blueberry Bliss

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  • I LOVE Espree Blueberry Bliss

    Truly smells like blueberries and helps brighten white faces. Formerly grew blueberries commercially and the shampoos make me sick due to the clove oil. I can't get enough of Espree's. Customer's have commented as well!

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    Read the Msds sheet for southbarks. Threw it away. Ethanol. Wear protective gear and do not apply to child's hands. Moved back to espree line(oils line) Madra mor soothe, earthbath shed( green tea and awipuhi ) and Iv San Bernard for deep skin therapies. My addiction has been calmed.


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      Got off topic. The blueberry bliss is very nice


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        At the Sun n Fun in Orlando I opened Southbark's shampoo and smelled doing so I got it on my made me very sick and I had to leave. It does not smell like blueberries. I have noticed some of my dogs who are fussy for a bath suddenly stop and statr sniffing and licking when I wash their faces with Espree.


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          I haven't used South Bark since a client complained it smelled medicinal and haven't used B2B blueberry since I noticed dogs whining when it was applied to their faces. I won't use Espree since they are located in TX and charge sales tax. So no blueberry products used here at all.
          Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.