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Mellow Pet Spray

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  • Mellow Pet Spray

    Has anyone tried this or recommend another similar product?

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    I recieved some in error from Show Seasons. ...they told me to just keep it keep it, so I have tried it. It helps a bit on very anxious dogs. I think it stinks though, lol.
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      I use it on the cafe towels for anxious, noisy dogs. Helps quite a bit.
      Agree that the fragrance could be more 'people friendly' but I just spritz a bit of lavender to help it out.


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        I spritz my salon. On occassion. I like the smell. I have found that with aromatherapy products if you think it stinks it really isn't what you need. I know it is for the pets but it does help me mellow out too.


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          I use aromatherapy when hairstyling the human kind and find it relaxes the hyper ones, well usually. We have a starbucks next door and some are going full throttle when they have hair done. I would like to experiment with pets more, glad to hear it can work.