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Hard water: Best shampoos and conditioners?

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  • Hard water: Best shampoos and conditioners?

    For those of you with hard water, what products do you favor?

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    I live out in the country and have well water which is extremely hard, filled with minerals and rust. All water goes thru a softener and rust filters, but you still can't drink it unless it goes thru my Reverse Osmosis system. I have found the best products for me is Tropiclean and Nature's Specialty for shampoos, and Coat Handler conditioner. You are going to have to try different products to see which works best for your water type.

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      Some products you can add a little a water conditioner too, I used to use a calgonite product when I mixed shampoos.


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        I use the Bark to Basics line. We have extremely hard water and this does an amazing job.

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          I have hard water here in the west. I cannot tell which products do better than others cause I have nothing to compare to. Can't fill vans with soft water each day. We don't see any problems with the hardness affecting the shampoos. Dogs are clean and use recommended mixing ratios.