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Advice! Your favorite Leave in conditioner and FInishing Spray?

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  • Advice! Your favorite Leave in conditioner and FInishing Spray?

    I'm currently an apprentice and I've been recently searching for a great leave in conditioner for my dogs and a detangler!
    I've heard plenty about brands such as :
    CC Ice on Ice
    Best shot Ultra Vitalizing Spray + ProPet Finishing Spray
    The Stuff - I currently own this product and so far it's pretty decent. No greasy feeling or anything. I use this on a dog after it has been towel dried

    I want to know if any of you guys have tried these products out and how did you like them?
    Is there any other products you love and recommend?
    I also want to know how you use the products as well - Before the bath? After the bath while the dog is still damp? Or on a dry coat?

    Thank you so much for the help! ^_^

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    Stazko is awesome for de-matting haven't tried any of the others. I use it after the bath. I only spot use it and as a quick finishing spray on a full coated cocker I do. I find it tends to be too slick and leave the coat oily looking if you use too much.

    What I use for general purpose conditioning is Quadruped All-In-One leave on.


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      Chrome and Ruff Coat from Show Seasons


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        Quadruped all in one.


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          Crown Royal Magic Touch #2


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            Cherrybrook. smell to interfere with shampoo or cologne. Also like Quad and Best Shot (I use Best Shot on my hair).
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              Best Shot Ultra Max on a damp coat and BioGroom Indulge Argen Oil spray on dried coats after the groom to make them feel extra soft. I don't use the Indulge on every dog. Depends on the coat.

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                I agree with IrishSetterTom and will also add Eqyss Avocado Spray to the list. The Eqyss is my favorite for Yorkie and Maltese and any other little grease monkeys on my table because it is completely weightless and non-greasy.


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                  I love Quicker Slicker by Nature's Specialties.....a quick spray before drying and the coat feels like silk. I use Coat Handler Conditioner, this can be left in or rinsed out after the bath. I sometimes use Crown Royal Finishing spray when scissoring. There are a lot of top products out there, start trying them and see which one you like the best.

                  Happy shopping

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                    I will have to try the avocado spray.

                    There's no 1 spray that's best for all coats. Some are too heavy, some too light to do anything. What I do not like with many sprays is they are silicone based and while leaving a coat shiny, they can look greasy and attract dirt on a freshly groomed coat. A good number of these finishing sprays are for 1 and done in the show ring where they will be washed out for the next day. They are not practical for groom shop grooming even though they can make the coat look great for that moment in time, then they go home and look limp, stringy and greasy.

                    I find Stazko can be sprayed in a coat daily with no buildup. It's not a shine spray if that's what you are looking for. If you are looking for a spray for shine, #1 All Systems moisturizing coat protector and enhancer is great for a gleaming coat. I use it right before leaving the table heading to the ring. The judge just feels silk when running their hands through the coat.


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                      I use Stazko, CHerrybrook (which is like a fragrance free Stazko) and CC Ice on Ice. Never have any greasy or build up issues with any and I don't have to be careful how much I'm spraying.


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                        Cherrybrook is great.