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  • Chubbs Bars?

    So I have been looking around for new shampoos, and I came across Chubbs bars. I have hear of them before, but i never really looked into them. After looking on their website at all of the great reviews and pictures, i decided to get a sample. They say its cheaper than buying liquid shampoo, but i don't think it is...

    Anyways... how do you like them? and how often do you use them? what scent do you have? i am really curious as to what cocker ears look like after being washed with chubbs.... i haven't gotten my sample yet, but i feel like having a bar or two handy would be a good idea..

    i would love to see before and after pics if any one has any!

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    Chubbs Bars are my go to shampoo. They way less space to store and really get the "greasy" lil yorkies squeeky clean. They work great on cocker (or any other breed) ear very well. Will remover the greasiness from ear meds like a champ! And really get a dirty dog (or cat) clean clean.
    I love all their scents...but always keep original on hand for this that react to smell (dog or client). I do believe it is a bit higher than some shampoos but the benefits of it are worth it, imo.
    I also use other shampoos at times but as I said Chubbs Bars are my go to!
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      I use Chubbs on almost every dog. At least their ears get Chubbs'd! I love love love the seasonal campfire scent, and the bay rum seems to stick better than the others. Most of the bars don't leave much of a smell that I've noticed; just very light and fresh scents. They also work great on cats.
      I am not sure about the cost. Since I tend to mostly do ears and little dogs with Chubbs, I'd say it beats out the multiple shampooing I was doing to get ears and little grease bombs squeaky clean. I used to do a lot of re-bathing, too, after the haircuts, but not so much anymore. Though that could also have to do with me being a lot better at bathing now


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        I'm a big fan of Chubbs. I love the seasonal pack I got. I use (well, used) it on any dog that was even slightly greasy or extra dirty. Unfortunately, I'm in a corporate salon and my salon manager decided to go back to us absolutely only using corporate provided shampoos. Of course, she has a blind eye whe really her Dawn dish soap is concerned. Makes absolutely no damn sense.

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          i got my sample today and i am really excited to use it! it seems to be a great alternative maybe one day i will use it for my cat.....!


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            If you have questions about Chubbs you can ask Danelle German about them on GroomerTALK Radio show here tomorrow Sunday Dec 13. Call in toll free to ask. See for more show info. If you cannot listen live, send questions by email to [email protected] and we will ask for you and you can listen for answers when show recording is posted.
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              I use Chubbs daily, it is easy to use and cleans so well. Yorkies are great with this. I also like it for westies. And of course, cats!!