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  • Shampoo

    What type of shampoo do you use on the majority of your dog? Oatmeal, whitening etc.... Right I mostly use Oatmeal but I'm wondering if there's another one that would work just as well.

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    I use between 6-7 different shampoos......every dog is different, some white, some with itchy skin, some need hypo allergenic, some need color need a variety of shampoos, not just one.

    Happy having a variety of suds

    Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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      I have shampoo for white, dark colored dogs. oatmeal, tropiclean puppy kitten, Oxmed medicated , and flea shampoo. Mostly I find myself using the oatmeal but thought maybe there was another kind that was just as good. Everyone seems to come and say no they have no skin issues so I use the oatmeal unless I see something.


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        Every dog (except those who need hypo) gets a first bath with Envirogroom Deep Clean. Second bath for most dogs is a mix of Envirogroom Color Fixation and Best Shot Ultra Max. Shedding dogs get Envirogroom De-Shed for a second shampoo. The occasional dog gets Envirogroom Hypo Active, Skin Therapy, or Odor Clear. Envirogroom Cranberry Facial is used on all heads except those getting Hypo.

        So most of the time I only have 3 shampoo bottles to clean at the end of the day.


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          Dolly is like me. We have 9 shampoos, shampoo/conditioners, and the latest addition after reading here we now offer Madra Mor mudbaths. We use shampoos from Quadruped, Best Shot, Groomers Edge (alpha white especially), Groomers Choice/Coat Handler and a ShowSeasons. We even have one Espree too. Most cologne is ShowSeasons.


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            Have been loving I.S.B. but like Dolly and Coldness, I keep about 8 shampoos and conditioner sets. Mix and match between brands for certain pets. Also have 5different m udbaths available.


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              A variety of shampoos for different skin issues and types of coats. Include Chubbs bars and sugar scrubs as well as madra mor mud baths. This is not a one size fits all profession. You need different products and you need quality products. Besides, what works in my area with the water type may not work at all for you. Ask for sample sizes from suppliers or buy a small bottle to see what works the best for you. ( stuff I don't like gets donated to my local non- destroy shelter ).