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My Drooling Dog solution!

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  • My Drooling Dog solution!

    You probably all groomed a collie or a sheltie with dripping nose, or drooling - it is so frustrating to get their gorgeous mane dry only to have them drool on it!
    I groom one - he is older sheltie, who also misses few of his bottom front teeth so there is plenty of drool and nasal drip. Another day as I was grooming him I remembered seeing in Groomer to Groomer an ad for "The WipeIt" ( Well, I did not have that at hand, so I grabbed a paper towel and made a bib for him.
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    I can't believe people would "doom" their pet/family member to wear that huge e-collar throughout the day/week/month due to not wanting to clean up drool. I would keep your pet on hardwood flooring and cover any couch/chair/pet bed with washable covers.

    Happy not purchasing the collar

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