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What is your favorite products for Pomeranians?

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  • What is your favorite products for Pomeranians?

    My fave line is no longer being made so I am curious for Pomeranian's, what are your favorite:

    Leave In Spray


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    I personally really like the Bark 2 Basics greek yogurt shampoos. I see a lot of poms with flaky skin and packed undercoat, and I really like how it loosens all that up. I also like using the coat handler shampoo for greasier coats and the conditioner, since it's nice and light but really helps to loosen the undercoat as well. Finally, I like Isle of Dogs in Heal for clipped pom coats that get that really spider-webby undercoat. It is a little heavy, though, so I don't usually use it when the coat is getting clipped again. I don't typically use a lot of leave in sprays, so I'm not much help there.


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        Have been using Iv San Bernard traditional line. Follow spa instructions. Start with diluted Pek, then follow with shampoo /conditioner. I have really liked the results. Also works great on black cockers. Another I have been using for others is espree milk/honey followed by their mudbath. Then an all over spritz of best shot vitalizing mist. it helps to leave coat nice and skin rejuvinated/lightly exfoliated. You could always use maybe espree doggone or shed shampoo instead of milk. Have been using this on weekly pom. Isnt heavy on her at all. You need to follow times listed on bottles though. Great for fall add on. No itching noted from anyone at all. Espree may be more budget friendly for you. Not crazy about best shot full set, do love vitaluzing mist though.


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          Best shot shampoo, conditioner and spray. But I have also had good results with artero products.


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            Quadruped All in One or Groomers Edge Hypo Plus


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              Nature's Specialties Lav-N-Derm and remoisturizer.


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                Thank you everyone for the input. I read alot of threads but this is my first posting. Worked great!

                Yes I do use Best Shot and forgot about it, so double thanks.

                I will try each one of the recommendations and see which works best for me. Again, thanks for the input everyone!


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                  I do like the Best Shot if there is a lot of undercoat to blow out, but I really really love the way the Yucca in Quadruped ALL IN ONE leaves their coat feeling. Not sure how to describe, but clean and sturdy perhaps is best words.