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Chemical Perfumes and Immune Suppression

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  • Chemical Perfumes and Immune Suppression

    I've met a lot of groomers in disbelief that chemical perfumes today, even Glade and Febreze air fresheners, let alone fragrances in shampoos can suppress immune systems. It's not easy to get all our product chemical perfume free but we try and make sure if we it is a chemical perfume the dog doesn't have known health issues. I remember one brand of shampoo had my bather sneezing and congested, we had to stop using it. Most chemical perfumes are not tested for these affects. I especially avoid fabric softeners which are among the worse noted for problems. Sometimes I bet is not the shampoo itself but the chemical perfumes that some dogs react to.

    Here is a pretty good article on the topic. I love that some holistic groomers are avoiding chemical perfumed products entirely.

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    I have to be VERY careful about chemicals that come into my home. I'm very sensitive to most fragrances, even some natural ones like lavender. All my soaps and cleaning products are fragrance free, and I can't let any of my clients bring in their own shampoos or colognes. One lady was pretty upset about that, but I just couldn't use her shampoo--even just sniffing it caused my sinuses to swell up and I got a headache right away.