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Pet Hair dye and sparkles

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  • Pet Hair dye and sparkles

    I know some of you have used the Top Performance Hair Dye Gel but has anyone used the Silver Shimmer? I ordered some from PetEdge and when it came in I tried it on 2 different dogs with 2 different fur types and tried it on 1 dog black fur and white fur (he's a lab/pit mix) and I tried it on a Shih Tzu's white, brown, and black fur. On the mutt I washed his fur first like the directions said on the Shih Tzu I put it on their dry since I was trying to dye her tail and tips of ears. Waited 15 minutes and rinsed and i saw NO change. I was soooo disappointed. After talking myself into ordering it, then out of ordering it for several months.. then finally ordering it for NOTHING to happen???? Can anyone tell me what I did wrong or how their experience was with the Silver Shimmer? Should I give the other colors a try? Should I order another color and mix the Silver Shimmer with it so as not to waste it?

    Also I saw in a magazine some sort of gel you use on dogs then sprinkle sparkles over it... has anyone heard of it? have they used it?

    What is the best items to use to dye a dog (besides kool-aid and food coloring LOL) and what is the best way to do it? I used an applicator from a human hair dying kit. It looks like a HUGE wand for mascara.... Any help would be appreciated!!!

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    I know! I tried it too Didnt work for me either?? Have you got it to work yet?


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      I would be careful about applying sparkly anything. It could lead to a lot of itching. Remember how garment makers used to put that sparkle stuff on kids jeans? Well that stuff would migrate through the jean and cause an allergy like reaction to the skin. Not good.
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        I will

        no longer use the top performance gel. I ordered the vampire red, it was messed up, all the red was dried at the bottom leaving a hot pink water. (I did not know any better) so I colored my male poodle in it until I hit the bottom and saw the red like dried paint. I knew the color wasn't red, when I was doing it but never doing it before didn't realize. So I called, they said oh yeah sorry we have had a bad batch go out, we will send you another one.
        So the new one gets here, I by then had talked to a few other groomers who said red was the hardest to get to stick and to leave it on for an hour, so I got some of the pink off my poodle, and was going to make him a candy cane for christmas, well It looked really good, while the gel was on, left it for an hour (what other groomers had told me) headed to the tub. He has hot pink stipes on him. I think it is just a ****** color. I am looking for higher quality now. You get what you pay for I guess, so 12 bucks is gonna get you ****** dye. Just my experience so far.


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          Red is a very hard pigment to get to take, it is because it is such a thin pigmented color. I'll bet you would have to do it a couple times to get it to work. I am not positive but i know that is true for paint.