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Breathe Healthy Masks are Purr-fect for Groomers

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  • Breathe Healthy Masks are Purr-fect for Groomers

    Breathe Healthy is now a sponsor of and make unique groomer masks that last and last, and are washable. Here's their press release. You want to check these out...

    Williamsburg, Virginia, March 10, 2010 – Breathe Healthy® masks, treated with Dow Corning’s cutting-edge AEGIS Microbe Shield, offer high performance and comfortable, effective, and fashionable protection against allergies, pollen, dust, dander, viruses, and more.

    Breathe Healthy® (, based in Williamsburg, Virginia, has been selling these multi-layer, high-tech masks since 2006. The cloth filtration masks are treated with Dow Corning’s AEGIS Microbe Shield, which underwent years of research and development and dozens of studies verifying the safety and performance of this technology. The antimicrobial treatment kills germs on contact, is environmentally safe, and is still effective after 100 washings.

    What makes the AEGIS Microbe Shield so unique is its chemical technology that can be applied to clothing, making it anti-microbially active. The AEGIS Microbe Shield technology permanently bonds with the fabric and will not leach or diminish overtime. The technology relies on the coating on the fabric remaining affixed and killing microorganisms as they contact the treated surface.

    Breathe Healthy masks have become increasingly popular with pet groomers. Many groomers work every day in environments with suspect air quality. The term “groomer’s lung” has even been coined for the long term effects of the occupation. As pet groomers became fans of the masks, Breathe Healthy started to offer them in pet-friendly patterns, such as paw prints and dog prints. Now, groomers finally have unique and stylish protection from daily exposure to dander, dirt, and other minute particles associated with clippers, shavings, and nail trimming.

    “Breathe Healthy masks were designed out of the need for a better face mask,” said Mike Vahey, a U.S. Army Veteran and owner of the company. “The world needed a mask that was comfortable, effective for everyday use, and could be used more than once. There is no other mask on the market that combines the features of permanent germ resistance, comfort, adjustability, custom designs, and reusability/sustainability.”

    Not only are the mask’s high-performance protection unique, they also offer a washable and environmentally friendly alternative to the wasteful, one-use-only, hospital paper masks. The durable Breathe Healthy masks, when cared for properly, can last as long as your favorite t-shirt.
    “This technology enables us to offer people a superior mask, along with child sizes and multiple colors and designs,” said Vahey. “What I love about my job is providing people a better choice in protecting themselves and their children from dangerous pandemics, viruses and allergens. Breathing clean air and being better protected from airborne pathogens is a big deal in today’s world.”

    To order or to view a complete list of masks styles, sizes, and pricing, please visit or call (757)-903-4176.
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