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    Hi all! I -might- be adopting a schnoodle from a good client of mine as she is moving overseas. One of my roommates is allergic to dogs and he said that an anti-dander shampoo sometimes helps. What is a good shampoo for this and how often do you think I can was the schnoodle without him getting dried out? I was thinking every three weeks. Normally I'd do it ever 4-6 weeks, but I want to make it a bit easier on my roommate. Any suggestions for a good shampoo? This would be for personal use and not a salon. Thanks in advance!

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    I think it will depend on the dogs skin and your roomates personal tolerance to him. If the dog has normal healthy skin and coat then you can bathe him in just about any quality shampoo and it should (hopefully) help to keep the dander in check. You can also bathe him more often than every 3 weeks as long as you use a good mild shampoo and be sure to rinse it well. Adding a handful of sugar to the shampoo will help to exfoliate him and might help w/any allergy issues.
    SheilaB from SC


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      I have 3 schnoodles.....

      and I try to bathe them every 1 - 2 weeks usually protein/lanolin/aloe or oatmeal/aloe......their coat and skin are in good condition.....I would just keep an eye out on them and see how their coat reacts....I have one that gets much dirty faster than the other two....

      Love my schnoodles......



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        Almost any shampoo, BUT -

        Yes, any decent dog shampoo will be fine, and weekly bathing will be fine and really help with an allergic person. I have known many people with allergies/asthma to bath their pets weekly or pay to have them done, and they have told me that it really helps with allergic reactions.

        There is also a product especially for pets of allergy sufferers called Allerpet. I believe this can even be wiped on the dog to help. For dogs, the product is AllerpetD. (Cats have AllerpetC, as far as I recall.)

        However, as I said, weekly bathing with a quality pet shampoo should be fine. I would NOT use an anti-dander shampoo, as this may be too harsh for the dog. You simply want the dog clean with a good product that you can use frequently without being too harsh on the dog's coat or skin. BioGroom and Lambert Kay products are available in many pet stores, I think, and they are quite good.


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          Weekly bathing with a mild shampoo, and work to get him on the right diet. You may have to try two or three high quality foods to get one that is best for him specifically but the right diet can really help keep down dander levels as well as keeping him healthy longer.

          Also, breeding any dog to a poodle makes it automatically hypo-allergenic. (rolls eyes)


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            Thanks, everyone, for the input. I tried calling the lady about adopting the dog, but she hasn't gotten back to me. I really hope he goes to a good home if he can't come home with me!


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              A dog's diet has nothing to do with whether a person is going to be allergic to the dog or not. Usually a major component of that allergy is not plain ole dander. It's a protein in the saliva. Bathing will help. AllerpetD will help even more because you can use it daily if you want to. Another thing that helps is an ionic air purifier. That will filter the majority of allergens out of the air. Even non-doggie allergens.


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                Try this product. I use the cat product on a couple of my clients and it has significantly reduced their allergies. You can find it on their site or Amazon sometimes has it cheaper.


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                  I bathe my dogs every single week and there isn't any problems. I use a gentle shampoo and a conditioner. Dogs that are being shown are sometimes bathed multiple times a day.
                  "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce


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                    Bumping this back up! Milo is coming home with me on Monday for a three day trial period to see how he does in our house. I was looking at possibly getting Tropiclean shampoos to bathe him weekly. Would this be a good choice? I wasn't too impressed with the smell of the BioGroom shampoos. The PetSomething I work at doesn't have Lambert Kay products, unfortunately.

                    Should Milo work in home, I plan on switching him to a better food. I'm leaning towards Blue Buffalo as my store sells it and it would be easy for me to purchase when needed. I know very little about high quality dog foods, to be honest. I know feeding raw is good, but I live with three other people and doubt they would let me have the fridge and freezer for it.

                    I'm so excited to have him come!