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Cordless Clippers? What do yall think?

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  • Cordless Clippers? What do yall think?

    I've been interested in a cordless pr. after I saw someone at APF using them in a seminar. Don't remember the brand. Does anyone really love their cordless and what brand do you use? I need something sorta light weight if possible and of course, something that has a decent length charge b/c i'm mobile. Seems like it would be so nice to not have a cord to deal with sometimes. I use my ivac alot but was thinking cordless would be cool for sani, pads, faces (where i don't use the ivac as much).

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    Have several cordless, my favs are the Wahl Arco... pads, privates ect plus skimming off just the sticky outs. Have cordless Oster that uses all blades. Once yu get cordless them cords make you crazy....hehe



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      I'm now using a Wahl Arco. It's great. I have the pink one. The combs slide on so they never pop off. It charges right up and lasts a very long time. I just bought a package of back up combs for it at Intergroom. When I got home and opened it I realized there were six combs in there. When I bought it new, it came with four combs. Now I have two longer lengths - 3/4" and 1". I died and went to grooming heaven! Having those extra lengths is fabulous! I do lots of full trims with it since I groom mostly small dogs. Geddy - You will LOVE it! You'll wonder how you lived without it.


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        I just bought the Cordless Cowgirl Clipper from Laube at Intergroom and OMG I don't know how I lived without it. Enough power to do full haircuts and shavedowns without having to plug it in (but I can if I need to). I also like my Speed Feeds for pads, sanis, and poodle feet/face. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE my cowgirl!!


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          I vote for the Wahl Acro. I bought a back up pair so if something happens to my first pair I won't be without, lol.


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            It truly depends on what you are looking for... a trimmer or an all job clipper?

            The Wahl Arco and Speed Feed by Laube mentioned in the above posts are designed for trimming, they are trimmers. Life span for these kind of trimmers are measured in months and maybe 1-2 years. Their torque is low and is not intended for constant use of all breeds and jobs.

            For a clipper, the Laube Lightening (if it is Pink it is called a Cowgirl) is the lightest and fastest clipper on the market- I truly could not live with out mine. You can get it corded or cordless and it runs forever. I purchased my first Lightening in 2004 and it still goes strong and actually have had to start using it full time as I have damaged my IVAC (strictly my fault, since like most groomers it has been dropped more times that I can think of and more than that I have caught it by the cord. So, I had to send it in for repairs but it is several years old as well).

            Unlike most cordless clippers the battery for the Laube does not add tremendous weight and lasts forever. I am having to buy a new battery for the first time ever for my clippers.


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              I could not groom without my arco, i love it!!

              for clippers, i was very excited to buy my cordless clipper i bought a andis AGR (i think that was it)
              and i was soooo disapointed got way to hot i could not even run it without it burning up (which i'm not sure if it's normal?) so i have given up on them, e


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                I have to say that any cordless that I have purchased have been disappointing. They are great outta the gate, but are not very powerful and run through battery life quickly. While they are great for pads/sani's/etc, I find in my experience that beyond that I just wish there was more! If you go cordless, I recommend that you grab an extra battery and always have a "corded" clipper on hand


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                  I find that cordless clippers are a pain unless you're using them for quick jobs. I had an Oster PowerPro and it didn't last. The batteries are expensive and need to be replaced. It was also really heavy! I don't remember what the battery life and charge times were, but it seemed like I was always stopping to change the battery. I didn't think it was worth it for the price they were. It definitely didn't have a whole lot of power. On the other hand, it was better for getting in smaller areas. Oster also came out with a more improved version of it. I also haven't really tried any other cordless clippers. I definitely love my new Andis Excel clippers! That's my 2 cents