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    Im getting ready to put my first order in to Show Seasons. Can you guys tell which products from them you like the best and why?


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    I got a sample pack of nearly everything. I liked and decided on the Naturals line. I like Essential, Revitalize, Glisten and Nourish for all my routine bathing. Great all around and smell fantastic.
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      There are so many to choose from. It's all I use shampoo wise, so here goes

      My staples are
      Results Rinse-every dog gets this. It works to condition any and all coats, whether it be terrier to get a nice crisp coat or a poodle to get a nice fluff dry, Yorkie where it won't weigh down the coat etc. Also helps the coats to dry faster

      Speed Dry shampoo and spray

      Bright- great for the white and black dogs but will of course work well on any color dog. Also great for a slightly oily coat.

      Pro-tec-great flea shampoo that really works and only has to set 30 seconds

      Detangle- Magic in a bottle, need I say more?

      Soothe- GREAT chlorexhidine shampoo for dogs with certain skin problems. Along with the Soothe Rinse, it works SO well.

      True Tearless- great for puppies and around faces and also their hypo so good for any pets or owners that don't want fragrance etc.

      For my general purpose I've tried Shine, Clean, Lavender and now I'm onto the Chamomile. So far I think I liked the Shine the best.

      The Amino Flex is a great protien shampoo and the most expensive, but it gives you great results.

      I have the Deoderize for the really stinky ones and the Down and Dirty, well, for the really filthy ones. Sometimes I use both.

      When you place your order ask for samples. When you buy any gallon the samples are free and you get a ton. This will let you try out more stuff and make your own decisions. I haven't found anything in their line I wasn't impressed with.
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        My all-around shampoo is Clean, I like the scent and the over-all effect it leaves. Also I use the Results Rinse on all dogs. I like the Naturals line but only use it occasionally (due to costs), I like the Treatment and Glisten. I have Aminoflex and Texture, too.

        I think you will like the company, good to deal with, but too many choices (just kidding).



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          I bought a bunch of samples at APF, so far, my favs are Shine & the detangler.


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            My basic shampoo's are Lavender and Bright, but also use a few others. Texture for scissored coats or terriers, Soothe (with the rinse) for problem skin, and use the detangle on EVERY dog, as well as, the Results Rinse (still getting used to using this). I've tied many of the products and haven't found one I dont' like yet!


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              I like the Glisten shampoo from their Naturals line. I think it does a nice job. In fact I used it on 2 Poms tonight that are really smell like cigarettes and I have never been able to completely get the smell out but the glisten did it. I was surprised. I just used it on them for something different and had a nice effect on the odor and the scent isn't really that strong.
              I also like the Leave In conditioner from the Naturals line. Does a nice job for most dogs and lasts a long long time.
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                My two basics are Lavender and Apricot Chamomile. I keep both onhand. I like the Lavender the best, but my staff likes the other. Clients love both. Not a hig fan of Results Rinse, but wouldn't want to work without the above shampoos.

                The lavender also brightens. The AC smells wonderful and both leave nice, crisp fluffy coats.
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                  all of them

                  but I seem to be allergic to their flea shampoo. and they carry south bark blueberry facial now.


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                    I use their Results Rinse for the resonson mentioned by MyLady, I love the smell of the oatmeal, Speed dry for obvious reasons, used the down & dirty for two years with no complaints except that they should make a shampoo that combines the down and dirty and the deoderize. Love their detangle but don't like the smell, kinda floral like... but I use it anyway. I really didn't like their condtioner. I've only ever heard good stuff about Shine & their naturals leave in conditioner and am looking to try those sometiime. Oh and I just ordered the Speed Dry Spray which I'm really excited to try.


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                      I love the naturals leave in conditioner. Love it! It leaves enough of a scent to last for a while. I am totally scent motivated. The clean is great too, and nicely concentrated


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                        Ditto on what Sally & MyLady said. I use several formulas the Naturals line of shampoos on every dog per their needs, also love the Amino-Flex, too. Plus the Detangle & Speed Dry I can't live without.
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                          Thanks for the replies. Debbie may I ask what is it that you dont like about the results rinse? I think I going to order the lavender shampoo, the sugar cookie shampoo, and the soothe shampoo and conditioner. Thanks again for all your suggestions.


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                            Could someone explain about the Show Seasons Soothe Shampoo. What types of skin problems will this work on. I have many dogs with skin problems and would like to know how this might help them out.


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                              Show Seasons Soothe is 3% chlorhexadine.
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