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    OK, saw this at the show. I would like some info. They have a senior pet regime with shampoos and conditioner that contain ginkoloba (I'm tired, that might be spelled really wrong) and she swore that after a bath old dogs became more energetic and spry. She kind of described it like a doggie fountain of youth. Sounds way too good to be true, but if it made an older dog feel better, it might be worth it. They also have a therapy line which is pretty expensive but I have one dog, that if it actually worked, it would be amazing. That dog with the open sores. But they would need it once a week and the kit for the therapy was for $160 and I don't remember what sizes those bottles were that came in that package. It was for a lot of stuff though. Different muds, treatments, shampoos etc. But I wanted to hear from others who have tried it before I approach my client with the idea of ordering it and using it on him to see if it helps. Especially if I have to do it once a week.
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    I used to use it on a few old timers. It really did seem to pep them up a bit. Esp the old golden, it worked better than the aspirin bath I used to do.


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      Hmmm....are you talking about the Atami Clay or the Purifying Masque?

      They sell Gingko oil but it is primarily used to be mixed with another product so whatever you mix it with will have variable outcomes. Gingko has been used for awhile now in human products to be anti-aging. Its only topical, of course, but it's an antioxidant and anti inflammatory that tightens, helps rid the skin of free radicals, and stimulates collagen production.

      I can't say that it exactly (scientifically speaking) gives energy since that tends to come from within, but I have seen a difference in how the older guys feel after use; they seem to feel better. I tend to take any sales pitch with a grain of salt anyways, but I use this line and like it quite a bit! The masque is my favorite. A little goes a long way so it may be a lot up front but it will last you a long time.

      They should include mixing charts with their product (they did with me anyway) so you don't over or under mix, and it should be mixed with a wisk. (to mix more evenly and also to whip up an airier product)

      I hope that helped, you can PM me if I forgot anything.
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        I find their products way too involved. Gotta do this, than gotta do that. Wasn't thrilled with the service, either.


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          A shop I used to work at used the products. They do work very well, and the people who came in very often for skin conditions had amazing results, like regrowing bald spots. That being said, there were wayyy too many steps involved in the products for my liking, one dog we groomed had horrible allergies and had like 5 different clays and treatments that would need to soak on, it would take FOREVER to wash her. So if you have time on your hands, room for all the different containers of masks and things, and clients who will really stick with it and pay you for your time that you'll spend doing the treatments, go for it, but there is a lot involved in it.


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            I'll admit I usually use the end result (like, B3 followed by the masque) and skip a couple of steps. Depending on the dog of course. But honestly, if it works and someone is willing to pay your for the extra time you put into it, why not? Just make sure you are charging fairly for your time and it's a win/win/win for everyone.
            There are 3 different kinds of people in this world: Dog people, cat people, and rational people who don't have a problem liking two things at the same time.