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Dog hair dye??????? Any thoughts

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  • Dog hair dye??????? Any thoughts

    I need imput on dog hair dye. Is it easy to do and did it work well, how long did it last? Would you offer it as an extra service.
    Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!!!!!!

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    It is not "easy"

    It is messy, there are various products, and you have a lot of catching up to do, lol.

    There is not one simple answer: the colorists and artistic groomers use people hair dyes like Clairol, Manic Panic, etc., things like chalk, blow pens, food coloring, and assorted other products.

    You can use stencils or do your own designs.

    Maybe you should start with Dawn Omboy's site (she is known as The Queen of Color and offers classes and has DVD's):

    For something simpler, I received a flyer from Davis Pet Products that has glitter and stencils. Found their site and went to the glitter page here:


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      Yes, it's not a simple answer. You could write a book on it, and Angela kumpe did.... It's called "a creative collection". There is also a member forum on the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers website where they talk about all sorts of color, but you have to be a member.