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want to learn to use dyes to offer as service

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  • want to learn to use dyes to offer as service

    I was alwaysed amazed at the cute dogs that get dyed different colors I also heard of someone offering stencil tatoos. For dogs. } really want to learn how to do this is there anyone out there that would recomend. A dvd or something. How did you all learn?

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    I'm not sure about DVD's, but I do want to fore-warn you that coloring is illegal in some states. Here in FL. you CAN NOT color a dog, tho' a few do at times.
    good luck,


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      I just researched on this forum a lot.. read any post I could find about colour. Slowly getting into it, i've done a couple stencils, tails & mohawks. You can always offer it for free to a few people to get your feet wet. Good luck!


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        go to Lots of good info there!


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          Just wondering

          My attitude is that if the lawmakers are dumb enough to make a law without knowing that professionals have been coloring dogs for many years, they need to change that law!!

          I will be coloring my Bichon when I feel like it, even though I now live in Florida.


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            Dawn Omboy has some really nice DVDs and Angela Kumpe has a book called "A Creative Collection".

            Really you should just try out some of the simpler methods, like chalk or blowpens, on your own pets.

            I have had a little fun with my Baggins and a couple clients and I really love it. Every holiday I have to stencil the short haired dogs of my co-workers. This year I think I am going to try to "carve" a design in my poodle's hair. That will be a big step up for me.
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