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    Hello, I am planning on opening a dog hotel and I am investigating how much it will cost to add a grooming salon as well. I was wondering how many uses approximately can you get out of a gallon of shampoo conditioner. I am trying to estimate cost on product. How often do you buy products. How much do your order at a time. any information helps thanks

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    This is question is just about impossible to answer because it depends on a ton of things:
    -size of dog and length of hair (can wash a yorkie, for example, with a quarter size spot of shampoo, with a St Bernard it might be many times that amount)
    -recommended dilution ratio of the shampoo (some are 50:1, some are 8:1 or less)
    -are you measuring to this ratio, or eyeballing it?
    -sometimes you might dilute the shampoo more or less, depending on the situation with the dog's coat, etc.
    -are you using a bathing machine? If so, your shampoo might last even longer....
    -how many times are you washing each dog? at the shop I work in, each dog is washed a minimum of 2 times, sometimes 3-4...
    -some dogs need conditioner on their coats, others don't really

    Lastly, you can't really measure it by time (ie- gal of shampoo lasts about 1 month) because the number of dogs coming through (especially at first, when you're starting) can really vary. A shop I work at can do as few as 20 dogs on a slow day (we have 4-7 groomers at any given time) up to like 65 at christmas time....

    Sorry to not be so helpful, but these are things to consider when thinking about shampoo....


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      kdickerson brings up excellent points. Not to mention that dilution of shampoo greatly depends upon hard vs soft water, recirculating system, shampoo system, sport bottle distribution or straight from the bottle.

      Here's my opinion. Grooming is an excellent add-on to a boarding facility. It simply makes sense and people expect to be able to have their dog bathed at a boarding facility. Very few people want to pick up a dirty dog. And, as a kennel, you simply must have the ability to bathe a dog. Dogs can get themselves REALLY nasty. And once they "fingerpaint" their poop, you simply MUST have the ability to clean up the dog. And sometimes they will choose to sleep in their pee. Really, you are not going to actually send a poop or pee covered dog home are you? If you do, they won't be back.

      So, with that, you already have to have a tub, table, dryer, cages/crates for drying/holding, shampoo, etc. Once you have that equipment, why not open for at minimum bathing/deshedding. If your location is condusive to a grooming shop, bring in a groomer, if done right, it is going to add to the bottom line of the business.


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        I can tell you about MY usage. WE are using Show Seasons Lavender and their Chamomile Apricot as well. We us 2 cups in 14 gallons of water in our bathing tank, similar to a Prima System. We can bathe between 14 and 20 dogs on average with that tank of shampoo....maybe more IF they are yorkies. We generally use one to two tanks of shampoo per day cause we do about 20-30 dogs a day. When we have standard poodles we use more, but mostly we groom small dogs, under 10 pounds.

        Shampoo is the LEAST of my expenses. I order it when I get to the last gallon and order a case at a time.
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          Shampoo is one of those things you shouldn't skimp on. If you buy a quality shampoo with a decent dilution rate you should be pretty satisfied. Typically bathing systems help to stretch shampoos, and they also lower your water usage. They are worth looking into. Most are $400-$1000 bucks but will pay for themselves in the long run.

          Let me put it this co-worker and I did a little over $50,000 in grooming sales in the first quarter, and the shampoo expense for the first quarter was approx $600. Not too shabby if you ask me. We also use a prima bathing system.