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  • ppp shampoos

    i have an opportunity to buy these shampoos locally, and would avoid shipping charges. has anyone used them? i have tried a few samples and was happy with how they cleaned. i have not gotten any feedback from clients either way.

    i had been thinking of getting some natures specialties shampoos. supposedly ppp made the original dirty dog, thats what i was told anyhow. does anyone know how they compare?

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    I have tried it

    these guys are right down the street from where I work, when I first started I tried all their products and with the exception of the cocunut conditioner the rest do not smell or work that great compared to most other products, my clients at least have complained that after a couple of hours or couple of days their dogs smell like dog again. The one they complained the worst about was the salon formula, it leaves the dogs feeling nice but the smell doesn't last but a couple of hours
    The coconut conditioner is the only product I use from them that my clients say they love the smell of it


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      sorry what is ppp


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        I had a guy come to my shop trying to sell me some, but I'm content with Kelco.


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          ppp=professional pet products shampoo and i think petedge or ryans sells it too.

          i've been using grimeinator as my all purpose and i do like it, but, i don't feel the smell lasts. i would like to find something that lingers a bit longer. i like fresh scents, not overly sweet. i would like to continue using something with a nice dilution ratio.

          thanks for your replies, any other pros and cons about ppp would be helpful.