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  • best shot product question

    I had bought some of best shot's products at the atlanta show and I tried it and love how it makes the dogs feel and how it releases the undercoat, but the customers complain that there pets don't smell like anything afterwards and even if I put a cologne afterwards they say they just don't smell it. Is there any product that has the same workings of best shot but have a better smell?

    Funny thing too the week after I used it, when they came in again I used my usual products I used before that no one really noticed or cared for and said there dogs smelled awesome,I think it's because of the best shot releasing all the undercoat.

    any suggestions or thoughts would be useful Thank you

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    Maybe use Best Shot as the first bath, and then bathe them in a nice smelling shampoo after?


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      I use Best Shot

      They even have a cologne that is called Scent a mint l use and it smells fresh and minty like the shampoo. I also use other colognes like baby powder scented anyone with a nose should be able to smell and love. You have funny clients, because mine can smell their dogs just fine.

      Don't undo the good Best Shot does by washing it off with another shampoo. Spa Lavish has great fresh smelling colognes and one I think Bio groom makes I use and can't recall the name right now. It last a very long time and reminds me a little of Old Spice for men and the old Holiday Cologne they no longer make. Everyone likes it and many say so.


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        I didn't think Best Shot was a residual shampoo, so there wouldn't be anything to wash off, but I could be mistaken. Davis also makes a line of shampoo additives that add scents, you could try something like that also.