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B3 shampoo...... *shrugs*

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  • B3 shampoo...... *shrugs*

    Well, everyone has been talking about B3 shampoos. I got my sample in today, and I am disappointed! I guess for the price I thought it would be special somehow.

    Why exactly does everyone love this shampoo so much?

    I thought it made the dogs feel "squeaky clean" in the bath. that squeaky feeling bugs me. It makes me think the coats oils are being stripped off. And the smell reminds me of cheap highly perfumed human body wash.

    after the dog was dry they felt the same as they do when i use my Espree shampoos. I am not sure what I should had been expecting.
    oh, but one good thing with the B3 shampoo.... it seemed to have gotten the dogs cleaner. but like I said before, the shampoo felt like it was stripping oils to me.

    Just thought I would share my experience.

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    is it because I bath by hand? would that have any thing at all to do with it?

    I have only used it on 6 dogs so far, so maybe i just havent gave it enough time.


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      I love, love , love the Why B3itch. I like the squeaky clean finish and the fresh minty smell. I'm also pleased with the poodle coats after drying. Sorry you didn't like it. I guess that's what variety is all about ;-)
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        I doubt it's stripping the coats, many people use it time after time on dogs without issue, including the person who created it.

        I love it because it whitens like no other. I've had clients comment OUT OF THE BLUE that the dog was so white, and "Did you change shampoos?" I can't create a client's opinion, they just said it.

        You should always condition (even if lightly) the dogs you groom, if shampoo strips the oils, that helps to replenish. I live in a very arrid state, Utah, and believe me, this shampoo has never caused a problem with dryness or itching.

        Tammy in Utah
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          Originally posted by fiveoclockdog View Post
          I love, love , love the Why B3itch. I like the squeaky clean finish and the fresh minty smell. I'm also pleased with the poodle coats after drying. Sorry you didn't like it. I guess that's what variety is all about ;-)
          I am with Pam I LOVE IT!! I have been using this product for about two years now I believe, and would not be with out it, I am mobile I have the same repeat customers for years, when I first switched to this product they would rant and rave on how awesome their dogs looked and smelled I think it has a very clean smell, have never had a complaint since. They are 100% satisfied. I myself use quicker slicker a leave on conditioner and quick dry by Davis and I have fabulous results. I truly have simplified my life and cannot be without! Ditto with Pamela that is why we have a variety!


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            I had the same experience. I sure it is a high quality product and I know that a LOT of groomers here really really like it. I try to be careful because the "creator" of the product is a member of this board and I don't want to offend anyone.

            I wasn't impressed. It didn't seem to clean any better, nor were the dogs whiter. My own Baggins actually was scratching himself after I used it on him and he NEVER has scratched before. Add to that that I 100% disagree with saying you don't need a conditioner.

            So we are in the minority, but there are a few of us that didn't have a positive result.

            But I will also say that I didn't like Les Pooch either. Isle of Dog completely blew me away. I LOVE IOD. So maybe it is just the differences in our water.
            "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce


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              yeah, i was thinking maybe it was our water.

              I am going to keep using it for a while. I only have 6 dogs coming in today, they will all get it.
              and I will keep you guys posted if I have a new "discovery" while using B3.

              Isnt it suppose to make the dogs dry faster? I didnt notice yesterday, but we mostly cage dry


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                Oh thank you. I thought I was the only one for so long that just wasn't wowwed by it. Figured there was something wrong with me. I used it on 4 Maltese and 2 Bichons and while it whitened nicely, I didn't find the dogs were any whiter than usual and the coats were so limp and hard to scissor and seemed to take longer to dry. But then again I usually use Speed Dry shampoo and spray and am probably spoiled by that. I'm sure it probably dried faster than most regular shampoos alone. I did like the scent though, I just didn't get knocked off my socks. The dogs were nice and white, smelled good, so that was great, but the coats just seemed much more limp than usual and harder to scissor. I think a lot depends on what you've been using before and what your water is like. No one product is going to wow everyone and I am really happy that there was someone as ingenuative as the creator of this product who made something that has made a huge difference to the majority of those who have tried it.
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                  I switched to B3 after I tried a small bottle. Being mobile it helps a lot to have a shampoo that does it all (except flea and medicated). I prefer a squeeky clean feeling on the dogs, but I never got the impression it stripped the coat.... not like you couldn't run fingers through smoothly. The coat feels smooth and supple, very conditioned to me. The wire coats feel crisp. And it does whiten, plus I found a little goes a very long way (diluted...about twice as far as others) which is great.
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                    I too wasnt that impressed. Glad Im not the only one. We have very hard water where I live, so maybe that has something to do with it.


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                      wow weeee

                      i used it on three white dogs today and it whitens great!

                      but I have concluded, because of the smell, and how it makes my hands feel squeaky.... its not for me.

                      I paid attention today. it did make the dogs dry quite a bit faster.


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                        Originally posted by ruckusluvr View Post
                        Why exactly does everyone love this shampoo so much?
                        I love it because it works well and is economical! It dilutes highly and saves me money because not only is it so concentrated, I don't have to buy so many shampoos for different problems. Like Alton Brown, I cannot stand uni-taskers. It whitens well, cleans well, and leaves the hair and skin nice.

                        I have to admit I cannot smell this particular shampoo when the dog is clean. The dog doesn't smell anymore, but it doesn't smell like the shampoo either. Even the bottles we got for resale that are premixed don't smell like anything to me. Maybe my sniffer is off. But I do appreciate that it leaves a nice foundation for my cologne and it's not like 3 different fragrances on one dog.

                        I also totally disagree about using conditioner. I don't use a lot and all of my conditioners but one are purposefully extremely light, but I can't imagine not using any on my hair, so it doesn't feel right not to on my clients. I've seen breakage on dogs that I don't use conditioner on.
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                          Originally posted by Mica View Post
                          We have very hard water where I live, so maybe that has something to do with it.
                          I wondered if that was the reason too. When so many people RAVE about it and my experience is completely different I figure it's something more than just a difference of opinions.
                          "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce


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                            B3 is the bomb. Customer service rocks..the product speaks for itself...Aplus


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                              I haven't tried this shampoo and plan on getting some to give a try. That said, From what I understand all shampoos are designed to remove the oil and build up from the coat as part of the cleansing process. That's why you should always condition even if it's just lightly after a bath to help replace some of the oils lost. Reading through my ISCC dermatech study material taught me that. Just my two cents. Everyone had shampoo preference I just received my Les Pooch samples and so far I love them interested to see what my clients think.
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