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What is the best choice out of these shampoos offered in my area?

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  • What is the best choice out of these shampoos offered in my area?

    I dont want to have to pay shipping for shampoo, but around here there are quite a few brands to choose from. Please read through these and tell me what you would recommend. Thanks!

    Four Paws
    Gold Medal
    Mane and Tail
    top paw
    Miracle Coat

    And sorry if i dont reply...these forums lock me out everytime i log in and i have to get a whole new account to get back on...idk what the deal is there...

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    Update! I just did some more digging around and realized that Perfect Coat and Fresh-N-Clean are also available around here. PLEASE help me out on this!!! Even if you know of an economical product line that IS sold online! I just need some advice/reviews!


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      I'm very pleased with Fresh N Clean products, we regularly use the Oatmeal and Baking soda, Flea and also the medicated. I pick up Mane and Tail locally when I'm waiting on a shipment and have run out of our regular shampoos. Good luck


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        I like Fresh N Clean shampoos & conditioners,, but don't like the perfume. I also keep Mane & Tail on hand, it's great for really dirty/ greasy dogs. Do you have a Tractor Supply near you, they carry several different shampoos at a great price. About 1/2 of what a box store costs.


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          Personally, I wouldn't be happy with any of those choices. Have shampoo shipped is my only option to have shampoo shipped in. If you look around you can find pretty good deals on shipping.
          "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce


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            How bout Homemade?

            Ive found a lot of people who swear by homemade shampoos.... most of the recipes are equal parts white(or apple cider) vinegar, water, and clear mild color- and perfume-free dish detergent. And then for a soothing type they use 1 cup ground oats, a half cup baking soda, and warm water....

            And i am surrounded by farm stores.... you say mane and tail works well?


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              I would pick the Spa line.. I use their facial and love it.. also the fresh scent is awesome! It is a little pricier than others though.


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                Here is my take on buying your shampoos locally, why would a client want to pay you to wash their pet in the same product they can purchase for themselves? Yes our skill make us a commodity to many pet owners ,However our products make us stand out from the rest.Unless you plan on being one of those discount groomers... think big!! think above your competition! Your products say so much about your professional expertise , clients expect to pay for the best they can get.Would you pay top dollar to have your hair professionally colored or permed if you hair dresser happened to open a box of miss Clairol(which you can use yourself) to do your hair? I personally use all natural pet products for my clients and the one thing I have not heard from one single client is please use unscented hypo shampoo or conditioner on my dog as I or my pet are allergic to perfumes . I'm not saying you have to go all natural , but if you expect your clientele to pay good money for your services why not offer the best you can..


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                  Many companies offer free or very discounted shipping on shampoo orders. Groomers Choice offers free shipping if you order enough gallons, and EZ Groom does the same. I am sure there are others out there. Shop around and see what you can find. I too, would not use any of those choices. And if you are buying them at petstores,etc. you are going to be paying way more than you would be if you were to purchase shampoo online and pay shipping. Professional shampoos dilution ratios are WAY higher than the store bought brands, so less product goes farther.


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                    natures specialties is the way to go. and they ship for free as well just buy a certain amount of gallons. its really not that bad. you want a couple different shampoos and other things like sprays and conditioning to go with them so in the end you save a ton.