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  • economical shampoos

    I have been working at a grooming salon for years now. We have always used Espree. Soon I will be moving and opening up my own house call grooming business.

    What are the best economical shampoos? My few complaints with Espree is that on really dirty dogs they still have an odor about them. and it feels like I have to use a bunch of shampoo to get the dogs clean. I might just feel the need to over use shampoo.... but I like a lather.

    I have used bark to basics and i liked it pretty well.

    Also, arent some shampoos that are more expensive actually cheaper in the long run? Like coat handler. it is more expensive but if i use it I probably will not need to buy a whitener shampoo, or other shampoos for particular coat types. and it seems to rinse quicker than other shampoos i have used, and just a little dab will get the dogs clean where i use twice as much Espree.

    some brands I have been considering

    Green Groom
    E-Z groom
    Espree (just stick with what i know)
    Bark to basics
    Coat handler (although it is not really that economical)
    and PPP

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    as long as you are using some sort of recirculating system, any shampoo is economical. i use aroma paws as $50 a gallon. probably using a quarters worth with each dog.
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      We're poor, but we use EZ Groom.
      If you have really dirty dogs Grimeinator goes a LONG way, it dilutes something like 30-1.


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        B3 Why Itch is a LITTLE bit more expensive but it is super highly concentrated and I've been able to knock out like 6 shampoos with it. (To be fair, my boss ordered a ton without consulting me) It's my current all purpose and I couldn't be happier with the results! Very nice.

        Of the brands you mentioned, EZ Groom is a very nice line. Their color shampoos will knock your socks off! That would be my choice.
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          I use Grimenator @ 2 tablespoons per gallon of water. Bang up stuff.
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