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    Does anyone use Pure Paws shampoo? I got to try some of their reconstructing formula today, and I liked the results. What are their other shampoos like?

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    They are good for getting the dog really clean, but harsh and will strip oils IMO. I'd rather use something else. There are too many gentler shampoos that also clean well for me to like the results I had from them.
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      I really like the oatmeal shampoo. I only use the Pure Paws on my collie for shows. The ultra silk cream is fantastic. I use that nightly on him.


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        I started using Oatmeal and ultra moisturising conditioner for my cocker about a month ago and I love it. He stays clean!
        I got a small bottle of reconstracting shampoo as well for my mini poo but I was told to rewash her within 48 hours as it may damage coat otherwise.